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Posted by Manudepron | Jan 19, 2015 @ 01:53 AM | 13,032 Views
Flite Test presents a very nice small plane: FT Mini Speedster. Available as a kit or as a plan. The kit seems me extroardinary and very inventive.
I used the free download plan in order to build mine lighter mainly from 3mm depron and cardboard.

This small RET plane is currently one of my favourites. I am sure the original kit is stronger than my version but I am always searching for very light planes even if weaker.
I fly this plane indoor: a real pleasure. She is very neutral and distinctive from other RET planes I tested. Speed range is wide and she remains very precise from low to high speed.
Design is brilliant and other pilots found this plane very nice.

Wing span: 52 cm
Length: 45 cm
Wing area: 7.5 dm²
Weight: 98 grs with a 2 s 300 mah batt
Wing loading: 13 grs/dm²
18 - 11 2000 KV HK 10 gr outrunner
6 A oem RC esc