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Posted by PeterVRC | May 05, 2019 @ 08:45 PM | 3,263 Views
I commenced "building" of the new F-14 Tomcat last week. It will all be done very much the same as the prior one (destroyed one!), with slight variations.

Firstly, I painted the whole F-14 in WBPU as PARTS, not after assembling it. This was to prevent the WBPU becoming glue between removable parts!

I added some Carbon Fiber "rails" lengthwise down the Fuselage under the Wing mounting area. These are approx 170mm long and run under the stock Lateral Spar, that goes from each main gear retract point from left to right, so these go approx 30mm ahead of that spar, and then the majority heads rearwards. These rails are to strengthen the 'back' of the F-14 because is is very weak in that Fuselage-Wing region. It can fairly easily break its back, and then that is as good as fatal for it. Whether you did that with some very big 'whack' into the ground, hitting the Main Gear and thus leveraging off those - like my prior F-14 had happen on its maiden flight take off "issue" case - or just over the long term of adding up any harsh landings it has, this will keep it intact better.

I again used all the new Taileron alloy pivot rods I had made up for slop-free operation, and the Corona servos etc. So the Taileron system is rock solid as per the prior F1-4.

One issue is the Wing Sweep 'retract type' servos it has. On the prior one they had some slop in their output shafts, plus slop in the "Hex to Hex" fitting of the arm to shaft because...Continue Reading