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Posted by PeterVRC | Dec 22, 2018 @ 04:40 AM | 7,736 Views
Another A-10 Warthog ?
Who needs TWO ?

The first thing about the Freewing Twin 80mm A-10 Warthog is the 1700mm Wing Span. So it is bigger..... but not by much really. The LX A-10 being 1550mm already.
It is all the details of it that make it 'better'....
The offset, to scale, nose wheel.
The Wing Gear Pods smaller (than the LX)
The 4 Flaps
Detailed cockpit and pilot
It is just a lot more scale all around.

Another thing is that the Twin 80mm use a 'battery each', whilst my A-10 runs from ONE 6S supply. That means much higher Power demands (Current/Amps) from that one battery, and a 'total energy' of 6S 5000mAH for the LX, versus 6S "10,000"mAH effectively for the Freewing. All whilst 80mm EDFs are more efficient too.
SOME of that energy has to go to moving a larger jet and mass. But that 'double energy total' is still a lot more even including that.

My LX A-10 is not too bad overall, and sit them side by side on the ground and whilst the Freewing will be clearly 'better' - more scale etc - the LX is still a pretty good version of an A-10. But ALL those above things added up (more energy, more efficient, more scale, bigger) and the FW A-10 is a lot better in real terms. But at a LOT higher cost!!
Mind you, with my 'good bits' in the LX A-10 it is a grand total of towards AUD$700..... versus the FW A-10 at AUD$1030