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Posted by PeterVRC | Aug 26, 2014 @ 06:19 PM | 8,217 Views
This is a continual electric models question.... and it never seems to get a solid answer! Though it is also possible there CAN'T be one fixed solid answer!

Question: "Can I connect multiple SBEC's outputs together?"

Note I said SBECs.... not BECs - being that a SBEC is still a BEC, it just specifies what type of regulator is in the BEC. The S means it is a Switching Regulator - as opposed to a Linear Regulator. (Maybe Linear BECs should have been called LBEC's long ago....)
I never use Linear BECs, as they are inefficient and can even be dangerous (to failure), so I am only concerned with SBEC's here.....

To be technically sound I pop the centre (red +ve) pin out of all SBECs/ESC's bar one and heatshrink over them so I can reverse that change easily in future if need be.
Though I am not ONE HUNDRED percent sure how much of an issue having multiple switching power supplies (SBECs) all feeding one point is.....

Say you have a quadcopter with 4 ESC's/SBECs.....
You would have 4 systems (SBEC circuits) that are highly likely outputting DIFFERENT voltages, eg Say one is 5.07v, one is 5.10v, one is 4.95v, one is 4.98v..... A regulator circuits work by feeding back the output to comparator circuitry so that it adjusts the output to be what it wants it to be, thus a constant loop correcting it to be 'right'. That 'right' value is whatever their components and trimming set it for. eg the 4.95v. Each ESC/SBEC will be a bit different in its output voltage aim...Continue Reading