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Posted by PeterVRC | Sep 18, 2013 @ 10:52 PM | 8,282 Views
There are now quite a few "stabilisers" available, but that is a bit of a broad and generic term. The better ones verge on being Flight Control Systems really!!

So far I have:
OrangeRX3S V2
EagleTree Guardian
HobbyEagle A3 Super (Note: this is NOT made by Eagle Tree!)
HobbyEagle A3 Super 2
HobbyEagle A3 Super 3
Bluelight BL-3G
FRsky S6R and S8R - these are RX with inbuilt flight controlelr

So first lets see what this "Stabiliser" thing all means....
The base function is to STABILISE the plane! And this is where the generic term used for them all comes from.... and can mislead you too! Because of how much more some do!

The stabiliser part uses a 3-Axis Gyro to determine any of the planes rotational motions, and software (Firmware) calculates what is happening and what to do to the plane to 'fix' the issue.
They take your control inputs and say "This is what the pilot wants to do" and if the plane does anything different than that - like if wind blows it about etc - they adjust the control surfaces to 'erase' that 'error'. If they can.
Of course they can only do what is aerodynamically possible by the plane at any given time.

The result of this stabilising operation is going to depend on the quality of the hardware, and the quality and intelligence of the software.
Then there are also the Options/parameters that they may allow a user to dabble into so you can set it up optimally - or get lost in the complexity of that!

The OrangeRX3S is a...Continue Reading
Posted by PeterVRC | Sep 16, 2013 @ 06:12 AM | 8,131 Views
Deciding to investigate FPV flying.... for scale warbirds and jets, not 'Bixlers' on countryside flights (LOL).... I found it is quite a large area to cover and work things out!
Lots of reading..... brought some useful info, but not overly clear and definitive.
Then some educated guessing to make decisions....

For FPV you have a few aspects and criteria to cover....
1) What camera is required? What FOV should you use?
2) What vision do you want to have? Fixed view? Panning? Tilting?
3) What RF system?
4) What viewing system?
5) On Screen Display?
6) Stabilisation, Return to Home, GPS info etc
Posted by PeterVRC | Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:20 PM | 11,447 Views
Time to outline the various things I have discovered/learnt on my detailed journey across model aircraft... and EDF's...

How will you power your EDF jet? That is sort of the main topic of it all, and a list of many options that there are, and what I found and think of them.
This section will only do 70mm jets, and a touch on 64mm I guess....
Posted by PeterVRC | Sep 10, 2013 @ 05:41 PM | 8,952 Views
When I needed to grab a few things from HobbyKing (Aust) I checked the 'specials' and there was a 64mm Eurofighter Typhoon for $49.99 (normally (83.20). These 'older generation' 64mm designs are OK in terms of the foam, but always underpowered and cheap in parts. So at $49.99 it was not such a bad deal and I grabbed one....
It even has a rudder as it comes....

Unfortunately (???) they do not have any more at Hobbyking anywhere. I think they were clearing the remaining stock.