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Posted by PeterVRC | Jul 10, 2013 @ 08:18 AM | 20,198 Views
Another Parkflyer EDF jet.... sheesh, I have too many now!

At $59 for the kit it is average value, but a good base to work up from. After all, you almost only get "some foam" for that! Plus by the time it is shipped to Australia it is $85 !!

I had a lot of trouble tracking down WHO makes this plane!
Starmax make two sizes, 64mm and 70mm but they are different wingspan and length to this one.
BUT then I found an older website that has the EXACT one - specs and pics - and says it is from Starmax. So that solved that....

The size of it is really a 64mm jet size, not 70mm. It is bigger than the Starmax 64mm version - just - but smaller than their 'other' 70mm version. Though they give a 70mm fan in the kit and it DOES have a 70mm fan area moulded.

The finish is very good. As mentioned, the layout and design is also quite good. BUT as usual, I will be modding it a LOT.... to suit what I want it to be by the end.
5S and/or 6S CS12 fan combo..... 5S 3000mAH and 3300mAH, or 6S 2650Mah, battery sizes. This means modding the "fuselage" area to FIT those, and also have them way more rearwards so it can balance the CofG well !

It will be handlaunch, to keep the weight down, but also so I can fly it "anywhere" - I have enough aircraft with retracts already!

It has separate ailerons and elevators (NOT tailerons), so those 4 servos will run on their own channels to allow the numerous control surface operations possible. I will not fit rudders - but might eventually....

Three sizes found:
64mm - 635mm x 850mm (Starmax)
70mm - 693mm x 1000mm (Starmax) <--- This HobbyKing one.
70mm - 850mm x 1230mm (Starmax and LX)

The last pic (from the UK site also selling it), of the underbelly, is the Starmax 'giveaway'... the long plastic wiring cover. Just like on some of their other EDF jets.

Posted by PeterVRC | Jul 04, 2013 @ 09:24 AM | 11,485 Views
I have had this F-100 a long time now, but have never completed it 100%. That was because I never had anywhere truly suited to fly it at! But now I do....
So I am resuming the F-100 to complete finally!

Typical of all the FlyFly kits, it is minimalist but quite well thought out.
Also typical are the totally useless oleos and wheels they supply! LOL
Mechanical retract parts.....
But it is still great value for the $105 it cost me. And it is quite a big jet too!

As usual, I have modded a fair bit, to improve aspects and also to add functions.
Set up for a CS12 initially, I am going to change that to run 8S with a Lander rotor on a CS12 housing - mainly to be SAFE as far as 'exploding' CS12 rotors goes! I might even do it on 10S, seeing the HV ESC I have for it is fine to 14S even.

I already have a lot of pics and build stuff done for it.... I will return to add more here in the near future.....