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Posted by PeterVRC | Mar 18, 2013 @ 04:44 PM | 8,586 Views
After writing off my Mini Mig-15 many weeks ago, I was missing my 'cold war era fighter' so I decided to get another one. At $69 it is a great little plane, but for $74 I could get its slightly bigger brother that is 64mm..... so I grabbed one of those instead.

Hmmmm, not sure about that idea now.....

The Mig's never have much equipment room, seeing they have their 'barrel fuselage of ducting' design, so all stuff needs to stay up above that - and there is not much room above that! The Mini Mig squeezed in everything just perfectly right! This 800mm Mig is also probably 'just right' for a 3S setup, of low capacity battery though - but not suited to doing almost anything else, unless you set off on a major project!

It is about a 2006 era design.... the early days of electric EDF foamies, where things were lack lustre and not as well designed or made as today. It is still quite a good plane, though a bit rough around the edges - mouldings, foam type, tailplane and pushrod flimsiness (0.5mm wire pushrods!).
After a first looking over it seemed unlikely to be much use trying to make it anything other than a 64mm 3S based jet, hand-launched.
After some more thinking about it, I might be able to get it to use 4S and a 70mm CS10/12.... for decent flight speed, and great sound then! So that will be the aim....

Another option is a 4S based 64mm alloy 10 blade, which Cyclone Power and Lander make (same units). But that is fairly costly versus a CS10/12 and L2855-2800kv outrunner combo - which run well and keeps costs way down!

Next I will look over the Mig-15 with pics.....

Posted by PeterVRC | Mar 12, 2013 @ 04:40 PM | 8,361 Views
This large P-51 has been awaiting completion for quite a while now! For the moment I can't say how this particular one will fly, but all P-51's fly fantastically so this should be totally fine too.
Looking over the plane and its parts and design ideas, it all looks very well done. As always, some things can be done better, but the base of it all has everything important covered - no major flaws that will need a lot of effort. Though some areas I do make a lot of effort for changes that I want.

At US$208 PNF in Australia, that is a very cheap and large P-51 ! And great value for a plane that could be flown almost just as it comes anyway.
Starmax are not quite up there with FMS in finer details, but at a fair bit under half the price of the FMS 1700mm it is a very cost effective way to get a large P-51 ! If you really wanted all the finer details that the FMS come with, you would be better off just paying more for that instead of a LOT of TIME yourself, and also likely to be costing towards the same total as the FMS in the end.
(Though the FMS still needs things fixed here and there - as per all foamies do really).

It was a LONG time coming, to complete(!!!) but it finally is 99% done and ready to fly!!

I gave it a rating of 9.5/10 because it is a great base to work from, but COULD be flown just as it comes too! The landing gear is a weakness, but all else is fine/good. This is quite a good bargain large P-51 really!!

Posted by PeterVRC | Mar 09, 2013 @ 10:10 PM | 9,705 Views
First of all, the Turnigy 9X is already a very low priced but high capability computer radio/TX. For about $60.
The RF system that comes with is it very medicore, so you don't want to be using that at all really. The best choice is to replace it with FRsky modules, which are proven to be extremely high quality and reliability, also at very good prices. Frequency hopping (better than DSMX), and a very low voltage RX that will as good as never 'brownout' ever, it gives you an RF system WITH telemetry capability, for $50 approx. including one 8ch RX.
So far $110 for the main parts of a very reliable and great quality TX/RX system!

The shortfall of the T9X is its PROGRAMMING. The firmware it comes with. It can do a fair bit of stuff, but nowhere near as much as the hardware is capable of!! AND, you need to be a rocket scientist to work out the 'Chinglish" based, extremely bad counter-intuitive programming layout!
BUT luckily some ingenious guys, and a community effort, saw the potential of the T9X hardware and made completely NEW firmware for it!
Firmware that unleashes everything you could possibly want a TX to do... as much as any priced high end one can do.... and MORE.... for free too! (Donations welcome!)
Open9X is the main group, and then there are sub-sets of variation of that Open Source coding to tailor the T9X in various ways.
I think the best of these is ER9X. So I highly recommend you use that as the firmware for your T9X!!

To be able to flash program a T9X...Continue Reading