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Posted by PeterVRC | Jan 01, 2013 @ 12:54 AM | 10,532 Views
I am not sure why/when I ever decided I really liked the red/white T-45 look! I think it was due to seeing so many foam model versions around! But they are a nice looking jet... even if it is a bit of a quirky looking thing really.

Many people had bought, and posted, about this 64mm T-45... how great it flew etc. There is also a 70mm version around that is just a little bit larger, but it seemed there was more mentioned about this 64mm one so I got that....

Not that I have seen the 70mm version - which is bound to be made by some other manufacturer - but this 64mm is one of the worst 'budget, flimsy' foam planes I have seen! Worse than my 64mm Starmax F-18, which is ok really. And worse than my 64mm EDO F-15, which is also an ok plane really.
Even though this T-45 is EPO it seems the molds were made in the early days of foam aircraft, so none of the more modern 'better design and strength' features are in it.
I almost didn't want to even build it!! So it sat aside for many weeks. Luckily it was "only" $57 for the kit version, but I think it is 'worth' about $30 really.

The wing is flimsy and has no spar.
The tailplanes a flat THIN foam with plastic wrap that hardly helps them be anything but the same thin flimsy foam things they are! The fin is the same.
The whole fuselage/build is like they tried to use the least foam possible... at the expense of any strength!
So to make it a truly 'decent' foam aircraft it would need a lot of work. Though a...Continue Reading