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Posted by neonext FPV | Jan 03, 2019 @ 05:40 PM | 7,055 Views
Eachine E511 WIFI FPV With 720P Camera 17mins Flight Time
High Hold Mode Foldable RC Quadcopter RTF - 720P One Battery

Order Yours Eachine E511 WIFI FPV 720P on !!!!

Eachine E511 FPV With 720P (2 min 59 sec)

What to say about this Mavic Air clone from Eachine. I'm not fan of quadcopter with brushed motors but this one has nice specification
and flies really great. 17 minutes of flight time is really big plus for E511 and it comes with 7,2V 1200mAh 25C battery. The quality of
the plastic parts are very good and it has really nice and modern design. It is foldable and it easily fits into the backpack. Weight of E511
without battery is 199g / with battery 270g. Eachine E511 provides stable flight and hold altitude very well. It is suitable for beginners
and gives lot of fun.

Weight without battery 199g.

Weight with battery 270g

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Posted by neonext FPV | Dec 21, 2018 @ 05:49 AM | 6,570 Views
Eachine TX806 leaf 5.8Ghz 72Ch 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW
AV FPV Transmitter Smart Audio MMCX MIC - SMA Female

ORDER YOURS ON - Price only 14,99 for this powerfull VTX

Pit mode(0.01mW) :

While the VTX is pit mode, the LED shows "P" and flash.
While in pit mode, you can switch channels and set power levels, but none of these changes will take effect until you
quit pit mode. By default, pit mode will send a veru weak signal

Features :

Support smart audio
25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW power switchable
One key searching and power setup
OSD configuration using smart audio
Wide input voltage with 5V for camera
72 channels with MIC
Solid MMCX antenna connector and rp-sma pigtail cable
Digital display


Brand name : Eachine
Model : TX806
Input voltage : 7v to 25v
Output voltage : 5v camera supply
Working current : [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]
Extra feature : smart audio
Output Power : 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW switchable
Antenna connector : MMCX
Cable : JST-SH 1.0mm 6P

Dimension : 50mm*28mm*8mm, 43 stackable hole

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Posted by neonext FPV | Dec 07, 2018 @ 04:21 AM | 6,562 Views
Eachine Vwhoop90 Brushless Tiny Whoop Tiny Whoov
2-in-1 FPV Racing Drone with Crazybee F3 700TVL Cam
Frsky Compatible Receiver

Grab Yours Vwhoop90 on !!!

DVR Flight video

Tiny Whoop (2 min 45 sec)


The world first Amphibian Drone is coming, it’s not only a tiny hovercraft , but you can also transformer it to a Tiny whoop and rush to the sky during Driving anytime. That’s more funny and awesome.

Brand: Eachine
Model: Vwhoop90
Item Name: 1S Brushless Vwhoop 2-in-1 FPV Racing Drone

Weight:32g (without battery)

Fly Weight: 39g (with Original 3.8v 250mah Lipo battery 7g)

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Posted by neonext FPV | Nov 21, 2018 @ 05:42 PM | 6,781 Views
Review | RunCam Split 2S FOV 170 Degree Super WDR Mini FPV Camera
1080P 60fps DVR HD Recording OSD for RC Drone - with WiFi module

Grab Yours on with WIFI module only 79,99$ !!!

Specification :

Field of View(FOV): FPV FOV 4:[email protected]°, 16:[email protected]°/HD Recording 170°
Lens Thread Size: M12*0.5
Video Resolution: [email protected]/[email protected] /[email protected]/[email protected]
Video File Format: MOV
Image Resolution: 2 Megapixels
TV Mode: NTSC (720*480)/PAL (720*576) Switchable
Interface: Micro USB / UART
Max Micro SD Card Supported: 64G(need Class 6 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II/UHS-III)
Power Input: DC 5-15V / DC 5V(USB)
Working Current: 650mA @5V / 270mA @12V

WiFi Module: Support (Removable)

Dimensions: PCB 38*38mm/Lens Module 19*19mm

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Posted by neonext FPV | Oct 18, 2018 @ 05:46 PM | 7,700 Views
Eachine E015 With Flight Boat Car 3-mode Altitude Hold Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Eachine again made fun little quadcopter which quickly and easy transforms to boat or car.
It came in big box , everything is really protected and shipping was very fast this time less then 3 weeks.
E015 gives lot of fun in all three modes, and has great flight performance and hold altitude nicely.

Flight time is approximately 5 minutes what is really nice ( battery included 3.7V - 220mAh).
Flight performance is amazing and it is suitable for beginners especially younger ages.

Very cheep and fun toy for kids, higly recommended.

Eachine E015 With Flight Boat Car 3-mode Altitude Hold Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF (3 min 43 sec)

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Posted by neonext FPV | Oct 13, 2018 @ 12:01 PM | 8,592 Views
After long waiting, he finally arrived at my door :-). It took him long time to arrive.
Almost 50 days, express was too slow . What to say about this tiny brushless whoop?
It is really amazing, the best whoop for this money only 79$. It fly great 19000kv brushless
motors gives great punch, lot of power and smooth flight.
On this little quad nice features I like is Smart Audio so I can very easily change PID and freq on my Taranis QX7.
Frame is build of nice plastic material and can suffer lot of impacts. Great whoop for indoor and outdoor calm
weather flights. Highly recommended.

You can get this on only 79$

Eachine US65/UK65 test flight Stabilized mode Whoop (3 min 25 sec)

Brand Name: EACHINE
Mode Name: US65/UK65
Item Name: 1S 65mm Brushless Whoop racing drone BNF
Wheelbase: 65mm
Size: 81mm*81mm*36mm
Weight: 22g(without battery)
Weight:28g(with Original 250mah lipo battery)

SE0603 KV19000 Motor

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Posted by neonext FPV | Sep 16, 2018 @ 02:48 PM | 7,681 Views
Review of Eachine TX805 5.8G 40CH 25/200/600/800mW FPV Transmitter w Smart Audio

GRAB YOURS VTX EACHINE TX805G on - only 15.99$

This VTX from Eachine is high quality build and has amazing performance 800mw so you dont need to worried about losing signal.
Features like power 800mw, Smart audio, Pitmode, one button frequency and power setup for the price 15.99 $ is absolutely gorgeous transmitter.


Brand name: Eachine
Model: TX805
Item name: FPV Transmitter VTX
Frequency: 5.8G
Channels: 40CH
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Posted by neonext FPV | Aug 30, 2018 @ 01:35 PM | 7,668 Views
Eachine VTX03S 0/25/50/100/200mw 40CH 5.8G FPV Transmitter With PITmode Smartaudio Function

GRAB YOURS AT BANGGOOD.COM Promotion Sale - Only 11,99$

For this unbeatable price 11,99$ you get very nice VTX,. It is very small and lightweight only 3g and has built PITmode Smartaudio Function.
Like all VTX it has switchable output power: 25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW . It comes with antenna and connector type is IPEX. My advice is to put some hot glue on connector for better holding.

Size: 19.57 x 21.93 x 6.01 mm

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Posted by neonext FPV | Aug 17, 2018 @ 03:16 PM | 8,556 Views
Eachine ProDVR Pro DVR Mini Video Audio Recorder for FPV and how to wired it on Fatshark Predator V2

Eachine ProDVR Pro from - 17,99$


Brand name: Eachine
Item name: ProDVR Video Audio Recorder
Operating Voltage: DC 5V
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Video Output Size: VGA(640*480px)D1(720*480)HD(1280*480)
Light Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Compress Format: MJPEG
Records Frame Rate: 30 Frames
Max Support: 32G TF Card
Size: 41mm*32.9mm*9mm
Weight: only 9.5g

Package Included:

1 X DVR recorder
1 X Power supply, CAM cable
1 X Video cable
1 X Key lead wire
1 X DIY powersupply, CAM cable
1 X DIY video cable
2 X 3M adhesive
1 X Manual

First of all this little DVR from Eachine has great specification. It is very light weight (only 9.5g) and small dimensions which provides easy installation on your googles. It can record in VGA(640*480px) D1 (720*480) HD (1280*480). and it records 30 FPS.

First version of this DVR has issue with cropping video but with new firmware issue was resolved ( Update instructions on bottom of the page ). Some people reported issues with black screen on new 1.6 version.

Update instructions:

Unplug power from ProDVR. Put micro SD card into card reader and connect it to the computer. Extract CRESFW.BIN file into root folder of the SD card. Put micro SD card into ProDVR. Plug in the power. ProDVR led will start to flash. First slower then faster then slower. Wait about 1 min until the LED will turn off. Don't hurry and don't unplug power too early! After LED will turn off you can disconnect and reconnect power to the PRODVR. Don't forget that you will need to set PAL/NTSC and other settings again as defaults have been loaded.

Warning: Flashing ProDVR sometimes ends in bricking the device.
Posted by neonext FPV | Sep 11, 2017 @ 03:15 PM | 7,710 Views
Aomway WDR 16:9/4:3 700TVL V2 2.1mm 1/3'' HD Color CMOS FPV Camera NTSC/PAL Switchable


So far I've used a couple of products from Aomway and really impressed me build quality. They also showed the
quality of making this ultra small and light weight FPV camera. This camera is based on CMOS and this is first
time I have been testing CMOS FPV camera. Image is very sharp and has nice colors and it comes with 2.1mm
lens. Two display radio can be changed 4:3 or 16:9. Nice feature of the camera is OSD ( it shows the name, voltage, boot time )...

DVR is coming soon. Stay tuned...

ultralight weight ( 11g )

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Posted by neonext FPV | Aug 20, 2017 @ 07:28 AM | 9,386 Views
Low cost camera from Eachine only 19.99$ on

Eachine C800T 1/2.7 CCD 800TVL 2.5mm 150 Degree Camera with OSD Button DC5V-15V NTSC PAL Swtichable

ORDER YOURS ON BANGGOOD.COM it is only 19,99$ !!!!!!

For this price you get awesome FPV camera , clear and sharp image based on CCD image sensor .
Camera housing is made of metal material and looks very solid and durable and weighs only 19g.

Compared to HS1177 , Eachine C800T housing is made much better and durable. It comes with 2.5mm lens what
gives you very wide image, more suitable for freestyle fly .

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Posted by neonext FPV | Jul 07, 2017 @ 02:55 AM | 11,542 Views
Testing new versions Racerstar V2 5048 5x4.8x3 3 Blade Racing Propeller from

Testing Racerstar V2 5048 Props | Realac X210 | Racerstar BR2205 2600KV | Racerstar RS20A (1 min 47 sec)

Very nice props for this price ( 10 Pairs 6.49$ ). They have good performance and durability. Hava a lot of punch.. My rate is 10/10..
Definitely I will buy these propellers again...

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Posted by neonext FPV | Jun 18, 2017 @ 09:51 AM | 10,795 Views
FQ777 FQ02W Wifi FPV With 3D Foldable Arm Altitude Hold 2.0MP Camera Headless Mode RC Quadcopter RTF


Shipping and Package

As always, when Banggood staff sends a shipment, it arrives very quickly. This time delivery to my door took only 8 days.
Was perfectly packed and there were no problems in transport. When I opened it I was very surprised that the manufacturer
made a nice design box as you can see on pictures.

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Posted by neonext FPV | Jun 12, 2017 @ 03:53 AM | 12,077 Views
Realacc X210 322g

Parts list :
RacerStar RS20Ax4 V2 BlHeli_S 4in 1 ESC
Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2600KV
Realacc X210 214 4mm
KingKong 5x4.5x3 5045 3Blade
Raceflight BF CC3D Revo F4
Eachine TX600 5.8G 600mW
600TVL 2.8mm Lens 1/3" Sony Super Had II CCD
SRP8 8CH PPM Receiver D8 protocol for DHT DFT DJT XJT X9D plus X9E Transmitter

Realac X210 322g | Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 BR2205 2600KV | Racerstar RS20A - DS600 / (3 min 17 sec)

Realacc X210 296g

Parts list :
Realacc X210 214mm 4mm
Racerstar Star20 20A Blheli_S 2-4S Detachable 4 In 1 ESC
Raceflight Betaflight CC3D REVO F4
Eachine TX600 5.8G 600mW
600TVL 2.8mm Lens 1/3" Sony Super Had II CCD
EMAX-2204 2300KV
SRP8 8CH PPM Receiver D8 protocol for DHT DFT DJT XJT X9D plus X9E Transmitter

Realac x210 - 296g Maiden / Racerstar Star20 20A Blheli_S 2-4S Detachable 4 In 1 ESC (1 min 57 sec)
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Posted by neonext FPV | Jun 10, 2017 @ 08:19 AM | 10,600 Views
Realacc Martian_S 220mm Lightweight 4mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit w/ PDB Battery Board

Review of Realacc Martian_S 220mm 4mm (2 min 53 sec)

Again, from Realacc comes very nicely designed and lightweight frame only 115g.
The manufacturer claims to have the same hardness even though it is made of two layers of carbon
with a foam in the middle like a sandwich .
"Same hardness as Martian&Alien frame kit,but 20% lighter than them!"
It is very easy to assemble and comes with precise instruction . It has plenty of space inside frame so
you do not need to worry about components dimensions. The only thing I did not like at the frame are
deviations of part dimensions. All four arms have different thickness and weight.

Design & Price
Very light material - Carbon with foam
Carbon quallity -100% Carbon
Plenty of space inside the frame for components

different thickness and weight of parts
Will be nice to have gopro camera mount , instead of an antenna mount

Brand name: Realacc
Item name: 220mm Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 220mm
Material: Carbon fiber
Arm thickness: about 4mm
Thickness of top plate: about 1.5mm
Thickness of bottom plate: about 2mm
Weight: 115g

Package included:

1 X Frame Kit
1 x Power distribution board
1 x XT60 Plug
1x Assamble instruction

Order yours on Reading
Posted by neonext FPV | Jun 02, 2017 @ 02:53 AM | 11,094 Views
Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV 2-5S Brushless Motor For X210 X220 250 300 FPV Racing Frame

Grab Yours on for 32.19$

Hi guys here is my short video test of new Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV .

Racerstar Racing Edition 2305 BR2305S 2400KV 2-5S (1 min 46 sec)

Trust - Pull 1090g
Nice design
Stainless steel motor shaft
Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings
Oxygen free copper wire

So far none - after flight i will write my conclusions

Brand: Racerstar
Item name: BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor
RPM/V: 2400KV
Height: 32.5mm
Width: 28.5mm
Shaft diameter: M5
Motor mount hole size: M3
Weight: 30 grams
Voltage: 2-5S
Battery: 2-5S lipo battery
Internal resistance: Ω
Usage: X210 X220 250 280 300 FPV Racing Frame

Tested with 18.5V voltage 5045 propellers:
Load current: 38A
Pull: 1120g
Power: 660W
Efficiency: 1.7 (g/W)

CW screw thread motor comes with red cap
CCW screw thread motor comes with black cap

Stainless steel motor shaft
Long life Japanese NMB ball bearings
Oxygen free copper wire
CNC machined aluminum case
More powerful than BR2205S

Package included:
2 x BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor CW
2 x BR2305S 2400KV Brushless Motor CCW