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Posted by Edge767 | Aug 10, 2011 @ 09:30 PM | 5,481 Views
It's really annoying. I was annoyed at the club field when someone asked me "When are you going to fly a real airplane?" but here on RCG, it's even more annoying. Why? Because what started as a really accepting and supportive forum has begun growing into factions and not-so-veiled bias.

When I came to RCG in 2006, there was one forum I hung out in: the Parkflyer forum. In it, just about anyone who flew any type of small park-capable plane all hung out, talked about flying in small fields, and power systems. Years later, I saw the division into a few other groups with the addition of new forums. This seemed to splinter the group a bit, and since I fly mostly Warbirds, I started hanging out in the Electric Warbirds forum more. Very quickly, the forum began being filled with foam aircraft. Why? It's because it's the direction of the hobby. Even large-scale aircraft are coming out in foam now. What this brought was a bias from the "Old School" RC flyers who feel that foam is somehow inferior to their built-up planes.

I will make it know here as I have many times that I have nothing but respect for the art and craftsmanship of those who build the beautiful built-up planes. I have done a few myself with my father over 30 years ago, and we had a great time. However, I now prefer foam planes. Does that negate or in any way take away from my joy in flying? Does it take away from anyone else's, knowing that the beautiful plane I'm flying is made of foam and...Continue Reading
Posted by Edge767 | Aug 04, 2011 @ 02:37 PM | 5,762 Views
Hi, I’m E.J., and I’m an RC flyer. I’ve had this addiction since I was very young, not yet into the double-digits in age. Allegedly, my very first word as a child was “airplane” in my native tongue, Hungarian. “Yapapa!” I would yell. It wasn’t until my parents recognized that I would only say that when a plane was in the air that they realized I was saying “Repülő.” No mama or papa for me; it was all about the airplanes.

This continued into my later youth as I began making hand-tossed gliders at the age of 5 and received my first line-control airplane (with a very special Golden Bee Cox .049 engine with extended fuel tank!) for my 8th birthday. For the next five years, I accumulated those .049’s like other kids collected baseball cards. I had at least 6 or 7 of those engines, receiving them as gifts or as trades from other neighborhood kids who received them and lost interest after failing to master the art of flying within 10 minutes of trying.

I became good enough at line-control flying to have a setup in a field across the street from my home and I flew alone. I rigged a launch system that would hold the plane until I pulled a string that would allow it to roll. I would then takeoff and fly my little profile birds until they could barely stay in the air any longer. My dad made a few great designs for me; a very neat looking staggerwing, a delta, and even one that looked like an F-4 Phantom. I was fortunate in that my parents were not only supportive, but also...Continue Reading