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Posted by xatled99 | Feb 27, 2008 @ 09:01 PM | 3,039 Views
I wrote a Mac application to convert the STJ video files from a 5-in-1 eDVR:

Posted by xatled99 | Feb 02, 2008 @ 12:14 PM | 17,602 Views
recommended mods
trex main shaft
replace main gear with mx400 or king or blade 400 gear
tail rotor bearing mod (uses EK1-0509), pic, what happens if you don't
trex dampers
blade 400 tail slider to eliminate binding
titanium turnbuckles make blade tracking easier
new ESC, as stock one seems prone to go up in flames. also, check that the motor mount screws are not causing any shorts. if you do use the stock esc, cut off some of the shrinkwrap to improve heatsink airflow.

hdx blades and shims
align 315mm blades fit but must be ground down at the blade roots in order to clear the feathering shaft nut
blade 400 blades fit

The belt cp is a bit tail heavy with the stock esky 1800 mAh lipo. A flightpower 25C 2170mAh / thunderpower 25C 2200mAh helps to balance it out.

you need two M3 nut drivers to change feathering shafts
a pitch gauge is needed to set up the head
a $5 turntable helps for making tail adjustments

how to
remove oneway bearing, pic

beginner tips
assuming your head is set up correctly mechanically with +/- 7 degrees of pitch
  • run +1 degree on the normal mode pitch curve to prevent boom strikes when you panic and chop the throttle, e.g. 57,57,57,75,100 pitch curve
  • reduce max throttle on throttle curve to make it less tweaky, e.g. 0 22 44 66 88
  • use a bit of expo on the cyclic, e.g. 5%

preflight checks/maint
swash level?
belt tensioned correctly? is the belt worn?
blade tracking
tail adjustment

where to get parts
spares from bphobbies
spares...Continue Reading