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Posted by rotagen | Apr 02, 2011 @ 05:03 PM | 17,222 Views
OK, I finally got round to starting my blog. RC flying and scratch building is an addiction/obsession for me lately. What's not to like?! Its very satisfying building something that ends up flying beautifully, and looking great in the air. I've always been an airplane freak, I remember as a kid spending hours with good old cox control line planes, rigging up a system so I could fly alone, and there's something about the smell of those old cox engines. I also spent many hours making plastic models, some of them were not so great but they hung on fishing line over my bed enacting a war scene, and the bad ones were blown up with firecrackers or shot with my pellet gun, ahhh the good ol' days.

My other favorite activity is playing guitar in my band Swytchback. We play the good stuff. Classic guitar oriented stuff, the Dead, Skynyrd, some allmans, etc.

OK now to the topic at hand. In no particular order I will start presenting what I have finished, or I am currently working on.

The Little Fokker
ws: 27 inches
auw: appx 9 ounces
motor: Hoffman Magnetics appx 1500Kv sport motor, 40gm, very nice.
prop: 8x6 slow fly
batt: 3S 800maH

Flight: gets altitude fast, very floaty, quite scale. Vertical Stab was not lined up perfectly so I had to compensate with rudder trim, otherwise would be faster and a bit more stable.

This fokker dvii (not quite scale but close) was inspired by Tony's "cute little fokker" thread. Once I built his "mo-109" (...Continue Reading