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Posted by Corie | May 16, 2014 @ 10:28 AM | 5,929 Views
This will be my first FPV quadcopter with goal of maximizing flight time, efficiency and FPV stability. I'm working on a student's budget (<350$ for the quad). Feel free to offer any suggestions/comments.

More pictures found here:

Tarot Quadcopter FPV - Maiden Flight (1 min 45 sec)

AUW = 2200g
Flight time = (estimating to be 20+ mins)
Throttle at hover ~55-60%
Range = within 10 km

Flight Controller
. ➣ APM 2.5 - flashed with Arducopter 3.2 - hobbyking sent me it for free. Found it in my box. Thanks HK!!
. ➣ Power module for APM, ?sonar, Neo-6M GPS, MinimOSD
. ➣ Tarot Ironman 650mm Folding Quad
Motors and props
. ➣ LD-Power 3508-580kv motors
. ➣ Hobbyking 14x5.5 Carbon Fiber props (T-motor style)
. ➣ Hobbywing Quattro 4-in-1 25Amp ESC flashed with BLheli. Noticeable improvement although not necessary.
. ➣ Small heatsink and mounted in prop air flow
. ➣ Zippy 3S 8000mAh 30C Lipo (Main flight battery)
. ➣ Zippy 3S 500mAh 25C Lipo (Video Tx battery)
Radio system
. ➣ OrangeLRS 1W running OpenLRS with 440 mhz dipole receiver antenna (homemade)
. ➣ Diamond SH-77 antenna on transmitter
Video Tx system
. ➣ Lawmate 1000mW 1.2ghz transmitter (Tx on 1280mhz), heatsinked, wth homemade Cloverleaf antenna
Video Rx ststem
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