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Posted by iamplanecrazy2 | Sep 04, 2014 @ 04:50 PM | 5,261 Views

My name is Tom Elston, welcome to my blog!
I've been a member here on RCG for quite a long time and have never taken advantage of the
blog section until now. So, this is my first blog entry as well as my first blog. So, here goes!

I do love building/flying RC and control line airplanes but now and then I get the urge to do
something different. My particular favorite break from the aviation side of the hobby is building
something unique using things I have laying around the shop.

I've posted some of my projects here on RCG but have never done anything on my blog. So this
time I thought thats what I'd do.

My latest project involves this Cox GT-40 slot car that I've had on the shelf for several years
and have always thought it would be a good candidate for a tether car conversion. I wanted
to do it in such a way as to not alter the magnesium chassis.

As I thought about it it came to me that the electric guys don't think much of glow powered
models and refer to glow engines as "slimmers". Well I love glow engines and have no love
at all for electrics so this little project turned out to be a little jab at the electric side of the
hobby. I admit it would have been better had it been a brushless motor on an airplane but
this works for me.

Check out the comments section for the build posts.