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Posted by kevin matthews | Jun 23, 2020 @ 11:32 AM | 4,378 Views
I have been one who seeks out a challenge. I may have made at least one model for the categories - A6, LPP, Scale, Jumbo Scale, Legal Eagle, and a lot of self designed airplanes. It seems as if every new build just has to be different, and better than the last. When I was in my early years as a member of the RCGroups I thought two planes in advance of the one I was working on at the moment. It is a real thrill when they fly. One of my first designs was for RC. I worked hard on a self designed model with help from the well known book by the late Andy Lennon. I pretty much have given up on RC. Instead of building my design for RC I thought I would make it for rubber power instead. My girlfriend talked me into changing my plans back to building an RC model, "You have enough rubber powered airplanes." And so I changed my mind. But, I changed it back. I built the 54" wing-span design for RC including full span flaps which were pretty darn well made. I have heard from most everyone learning how to fly requires crashing. I did not want to crash. I changed it back to rubber power, and with each change the wing incidence had to be set properly...3 degrees positive incidence for rubber power, and 0 degrees incidence for RC with a stabilizer at negative 1 degree incidence. I glued the flaps in place, and made it for rubber power. With three loops of 1/4" rubber ( if I remember correctly ) the total weight was 1 lbs. Too heavy in my estimation. One of the staff, and a friend, as well here where I live ( apartment ) came by, and asked for me to tell the story of the airplane I was calling "The Monster". I said, "Do you want it?" The epic is hanging in his working garage at home which BTW is new complete with a lift, and all for $30,000.

I am building an Easy Built Models Royal Aircraft SE5 with a 50" wing-span. This will satisfy my desire to build a really big airplane for rubber power. I just need to.