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Posted by kevin matthews | Aug 04, 2008 @ 11:34 PM | 7,094 Views
I've been interested in model airplane design, building and flight for a long time. I got serious about it around three years ago, in 2005. I started by trying to design my own free flight plane and build it from scratch. I made around five of them. They flew, a little bit. I discovered RC Groups and the noble hobby went into high gear for me. I learned a lot in a short time and I'm still learning. I've designed and built a few planes, free flight, and built a few kits. Right now I have about 21 planes. I've had a lot of failures that wound up in the trash but I have had a lot of succeses. I've made indoor as well as outdoor designs, duration planes and scale models. Some of my self designed planes have done well. In particular a plane I made to compete in the Legal Eagle class.

Recently my Dad gave me a Hobby Zone Super Cub RC airplane. I'm learning how to fly it.

It's a thrill when one of my planes, self designed, built from a kit or from a plan downloaded from the Web, flys. There is something wonderfull when a hunk of wood defies gravity for an extended moment and then you start to think "When is this thing going to land?"