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Posted by papadave418 | Today @ 10:46 AM | 21 Views
I got my floats out again and got my Tundra up to 7500' ;D
It was dogging at that altitude on my normal 3s pack so I put my 4s 2200mah 65C Graphene in it and it certainly lifted out of the water just fine. Haha. Babied it around so I didn't blow my ESC. Such an epic day then mountain biked around the area as well. My lungs hurt!

Durafly Tundra Soaring at 7500' (4 min 18 sec)

Posted by craytech | Today @ 10:03 AM | 46 Views
Cheap DIY Race Gates (2 min 46 sec)

Hello everyone welcome back.

Todays video is to show you how to build really cheap race gates.

All I used in this video was a 4' 1" dowel and a pool noodles. These can be found locally very easily and for a great price. Right now the price is about $3-$5 dollars depending on where you buy your supplies.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon.

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Fly Safe and Fly Often.
Posted by MD_Mogge | Today @ 09:51 AM | 54 Views
I really enjoy building Depron airliners!
Next up is the 737-500 in scale 1/15! Maybe followed by a MD-11 in 1/x scale. And as soon as Skyline paper model release the Super 80 plans, I will return to the MD-80 in scale 1/20. This winter might be too short!

These 1/200 models are good to use as a reference for livery and scale!
Posted by flyboygaac | Today @ 08:49 AM | 364 Views
Aeromodeler since 1988 in control line and radio control
FPV pilot
UAV integrator and operator since 2010
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 05:26 AM | 515 Views
E013 Eachine FPV Review Test Démo / Le Pack d'initiation par EXCELLENCE (26 min 48 sec)

Le voici enfin ! Le pack FPV E013 Eachine est enfin arrivé .. Je m'en doutais un peu en lisant ses caractéristiques techniques et c'est confirmé, ce pack est destiné aux débutants qui désirent s'initier aux joies du pilotage et à l'immersion. Le drone est facile à prendre en main, tres stable, résistant et équipé d'une caméra 1000TVL d'une netteté impressionnante pour un engin de cette taille. La radiocommande est un peu plus grosse que les radios généralement fournies avec ce type d'appareil et les sticks rallongés en alu permettent un pilotage beaucoup plus précis qu'avec les "radio-mogettes". Le petit masque VR006 est un des plus petits actuellement mais propose un très bon rendu final et des options suffisantes pour le vol en indoor . Bref, si vous êtes un pilote confirmé, vous risquez de trouver ce pack un peu "light" niveau puissance et portée, mais si vous cherchez un premier pack pour l'initiation, le Eachine E013 est fait pour vous !

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici :

- E013 Eachine Pack : https://goo.gl/MvFLzN

- Batteries 260mAh 30C : https://goo.gl/Q4CEg8

- Batteries 150mAh 45C : https://goo.gl/4NHVtz

- Radio JUMPER T8SG : https://goo.gl/i4aQ1q

- Batterie 2S pour Jumper T8SG : https://goo.gl/jwQyjJ
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Today @ 05:24 AM | 513 Views
Eachine EV100 Review Test Démo. Alors, Bien ou Pas Bien ? PERSO JE VALIDE !!! (21 min 26 sec)

J'ai fais aussi vite que possible ! Sitôt reçue, Sitôt Testée !!!
Voici donc les nouvelles Lunettes FPV de chez Eachine, les EV100 .
Nous avions tous hâte de vérifier ses performances car elles sont tellement MOINS chères que des Fatshark ou Omway que ça avait presque l'odeur d'une bonne blague ... Et bien NON ! Ce n'est vraiment pas un gadget tout pouilleux ! Non seulement elles fonctionnent plutôt bien mais en plus elles proposent des options de réglage que d'autres, 3 fois plus chères ne proposent pas. Je vous laisse découvrir toutes ces Options en vidéo mais en ce qui me concerne, je les ais adoptées .
- Lunettes EV100: https://goo.gl/XaZBaf
code promo de réduction de 10% : EV10010 ( valide de 14 sept. à 24 sept )
- Antenne Pagode (RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/PLM68d
- Antenne Plate ZRC (RP-SMA Male): https://goo.gl/vwR28N
- Antenne plate LANTIAN (RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/wdsgnL
- Page des Antennes prenez ( RP-SMA Male) : https://goo.gl/AXi9Gd
- DVR EV100 : https://goo.gl/Hhkot3

Ventes Flash Banggood : https://goo.gl/TgJXQD
Posted by _AL_ | Today @ 05:01 AM | 536 Views
Another MSF come & gone.
The weather made up for last year & I got a LOT of flying in.

The BV141 proved to be perfect for the conditions most days & did more flying than everything else combined.
Some pics of my birds attached courtesy of Norm, Stehl, Owen & Andrew. The link below will take you to the thread with pics & commentary of the entire event.

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...ia-2017/page83...Continue Reading
Posted by Hobby WOW | Today @ 02:32 AM | 625 Views
JJRC H49 SOL :Ultra -thin Foldable Drone

The JJRC H49 is another foldable selfie drone from JJRC, the company that brought us the original Elife .Like the battle for the world’s thinnest mobile phone, there seems to be a new fight to achieve the world’s thinnest compact selfie drone. The JJRC H49 may have achieved that, it is incredibly thin at under one-centimeter thick. This is one of the smallest selfie drones we’ve ever seen.

JJRC H49 SOL features :

JJRC packed some good features into this compact machine. It features a 720p HD camera, altitude hold, WiFi FPV, and can be flown with either your smartphone or its compact remote controller. Not only is the H49 small, but the remote also can fit in your pocket.
Probably the biggest improvement on the H49 is that the propellers are directly attached to the motors, there are no gears. Gears are a common weak point for small selfie drones and JJRC has answered with this gearless quad.

You can easily take the drone and remote controller with you .
JJRC H49, only 0.95cm thickness. The foldable arms will automatically pop out with only one press. The 720P camera and WIFI real-time transmission FPV system allows you to take high resolution pictures & video during flight. Also, altitude hold mode, beauty mode, one key return,3D flips will bring you tons of fun.

It includes :
1* Quacopter
1* Battery
1* Remote controller
4* Propeller
1* Manual
1* Propeller remover
1* USB charging cable
Posted by TeeSCee | Today @ 02:27 AM | 623 Views
Hi everyone.

I bought this frame about 3weeks ago and after a few good crashes the strider has shown it's week points.
Let's start with the positive first:
The bottom portion of the frame is REALLY strong. I think the arms will be nearly impossible to break. They are 5.5mm thick and the carbon is of great quality.
The arms interlock in a clever way making the bottom part as solid as a one piece bottom plate.

The geometry of the frame is just perfect. You can even use 5.5" props if you want and the electronics are fairly easy to fit inside the frame.

Then the parts that need improvement.
The arms are 5.5mm thick and they are sandwiched by 2 2mm plates, this all adds up to a heavy frame. If the arms would be 4 or 4.5mm thick, a few mm narrower and the sandwich plates a bit smaller, the weight of the frame could be lowered to suite the demands of hardcore racers.

Also the camera plates are a bit out dated. The single hole fastening does not hold the camera firmly in place. Most modern FPV cameras have 2 mounting holes and the mounting plates should support this. Other iFlight frames like the iFlight iX5 V2 already have this "feature".

The last on MOST crucial flaw is the top plate. The back of the top plate has a VERY week point and I actually already broke mine, in my first crash...
This can be very easily fixed by leaving a little more carbon fiber around the back bolts.

I do hope that iFlight will release a strider V2.1 with theese things redesigned.

iFlight RC Strider x5 V2 - Best looking quad so far (6 min 40 sec)

Posted by Jay 123 | Yesterday @ 08:51 PM | 816 Views
New arrival-AKK Flight Controller F4
In production now, will be in stock soon~
Weight: 7.5gram
Size: 36MM*36MM
PCB Thickness: 1.2MM
Processor: STM32F405RGT6
Transmitter: MPU6000 integrated accelerometer/gyroscope
Preset firmware version:3.1.7-OMNIBUSF4SD
Signal of receiver supported: PPM/SBUS
Barometer: BMP280
OSD: Flight Control Board IMU with Integrated OSD, support ground station Betaflight OSD parameter configuring; support tunning PID with OSD by using remote controller; Transmitter power, frequency band/CH can be tuned with OSD based on the Betaflight.(Support FPV transmitter like AKK X2/X2P)
Galvanometer: Integrated Gal, power current consumption real time monitoring available
Power supply: Built-in power module BEC
SD card slot: standard SD card slot

...Continue Reading
Posted by teralift | Yesterday @ 08:33 PM | 851 Views
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Posted by akkteck | Yesterday @ 08:30 PM | 840 Views
AKKTEK FPV Micro Cameras and Video Transmitters - First Look at A5, K33 and S2 (6 min 51 sec)

AKKTEK FPV Micro Cameras and Video Transmitters - First Look at A5, K33 and S2
Release a COUPON CODE(26% off and save 10%) at Akktek.com that is: akk10PERC . Expiration Date: Oct 12th, 2017.
Posted by Robert Salcedo | Yesterday @ 07:16 PM | 870 Views
Hey everyone im having a bit of trouble with my motors. I went into beta flight to "configure" some stuff and now the transmitter does not register and the motors wont spin even in beta flight. It was working fine before. What have i done! Aaa the agony! Help please!!
Posted by RandyGamage | Yesterday @ 12:10 PM | 1,099 Views
MJX Bugs 2 B2W Brushless RC RTF Quadcopter For $119.99

Coupon Code: GBBugs2
Link: https://goo.gl/YEo6pa
Warehouse: CN Warehouse
Posted by Lightning RC | Yesterday @ 11:51 AM | 1,107 Views
AirDogs Lipo batteries on sale.


3S 1500 75C
4S 1500 75C
Posted by mnemennth | Yesterday @ 11:36 AM | 1,104 Views
Just a quick Heads-Up...

RMRC has the Horus X12S in Silver on sale right now for $379 (and dropping 1% per hour) as part of their "Flat Spin Sale". Order in the next couple hours and it still ships today, with almost free shipping (~$19 discount with 5% code SHIPPINGDEAL) and you can get a free RMRC hat or shirt to boot.

As of this posting, they have 8 left!

Go on and git you some,

Posted by Betelnut | Yesterday @ 11:29 AM | 1,090 Views
Picture 6 shows the correct bulkhead attachments on sides 1 & 2. Piece 'TL' is next glued to the stern of the balsa hull, flush with the flat bottom and in 1/16" from each side. Next the 'B-1' pieces are glued flat, on each side of the hull. about 1/16" in from the sides and butted with the side of piece 'TL'. This 1/16" is to allow for the adding of the sides to the hull. Next, glue the two sides, 'H-9', to the hull and to the 'B-1' pieces ... with the bulkheads facing out and with the bulkhead slits facing upward. See pictures 7 & 8. Now we can install pieces H-1, H-2, and H-3 to form the bow. Then add B-2 to hull and into notch of H-1. Note: H-3 bottom notches fit over B-1 pieces. See picture 9.
Posted by vinceroy | Yesterday @ 08:20 AM | 1,261 Views
Hi flew my Bush Mule the other day had a brilliant flight but on landing it was a bit bouncy which resulted in damaging the nose wheel servo to which I now need to replace, however on looking into it I cannot fathom how to get it out. Can anyone help me with this please?
Posted by gryhrdoldfool | Yesterday @ 05:16 AM | 1,402 Views
As promised I have written out a brief description of how EDF's work. This description is only part of the whole story and I will endeavour at some later date add to it in such a way that it will benefit users. I have as yet, not worked out exactly all the consequences of a 'Real' world unit but so far I believe that the basic theory will remain both intact and applicable. Please read, I know many theories have been advanced on the pages of a good number of forums and for the reader this is just 'another' example. I do hope there will be some who read it through and digest.

When I first looked at these little flight engines, like most, I thought they are somewhere between a propellor and an axial compressor stage, however I quickly realised they are something on their own. The nearest is a compressor blade that produces no increase in density, that is the compression should, ideally, be only a constant volume process. Having said that, like a propellor, they use the principle of forward procession - or pitch.
I will now lay down the configuration of this device, a duct that is parallel from entry to the end of the vanes, a 'concentrating nozzle'* and a fan with a 'solidity'** less than but close to one with a parallel platform continuing past the vanes. Finally this applies only to ducted fans that operate at...Continue Reading
Posted by mintie | Yesterday @ 03:55 AM | 1,417 Views
Finally got the car all done.Happy as and looks the part.
Now to start the second car. My boy is building it as the Ferrari Santander.
Then we can have a few races around the asphalt courts