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Posted by | Oct 08, 2017 @ 11:02 AM | 4,667 Views
This started out as a copterx cx450 a e v2!
Now the frame plates are tarot so is the one piece mainshaft bearing block and the swashplate and main head are for the pro version and the reason the balls are moved in one hole on the servo arms,to give me optimal numbers in the kbar/vbar this thing flips on the spot
But this being a clone using clone gear (only reason for align maingear and main shaft is the fast delivery to my location)
Anyway the kbar is mounted on the lower autorotate shaft bearing block which is giving me griff, last time I flew it the gyro was basically flying blind (log was nothing but extreme vibs) and makes me wanna move the gyro but I really like it where it is atm!