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Posted by davidterrell80 | Apr 13, 2014 @ 08:48 PM | 6,210 Views
I went flying Saturday morning. Behind my runway area is a dumpster belonging to the building next door. A truck arrived to take the dumpster away. I was near the end of the battery and was on approach to final. The truck was about 20 feet behind me and the motor was loud bit not terrible.

As I crossed the threshold, about 5 feet up... the driver thought it would be fun to watch me as he rammed the dumpster while sounding his horn. A jerk of my head, and of my thumb, produced a nose up into a stall and she pancaked onto the asphalt. The driver laughed aloud until he saw me picking up pieces.

He was man enough to stop the truck and come apologize, although he did not offer to make good the damage to my $200 plane.

The fuselage broke in two. All the cabanes sheared and the associated wing and fuselage attach fixtures as well. The undercarriage splayed. The lower wing attach fitting ripped from the fuselage.

It's the broken plastic parts that hurt. I can glue foam together. I figure it will take an upper wing to get the plastic fittings, a new set of cabanes, and probably a new fuselage, because of the broken cabane fittings there.

I may try to fix her without ordering parts and just buy another one, before she is discontinued.