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Posted by A Useless Geek | Oct 30, 2013 @ 09:15 AM | 29,127 Views
Okay, so my littlest scratch quad wasn't behaving all that well. I started out with a HK I86 board running four Turnigy 1811-2000 10 gram motors on stock Plush 6A ESCs. The thing would spin, and roll over, and generally play dead. Not phun.

Then I switched to a HK MultiWii control board.

Shazam! Suddenly the Little Quad was a docile, easy to fly package, almost like those commercial brushed minis. However, the Little has a bunch more performance, like a WLToys V929 or Syma X1 on steroids or cocaine or something. I am very happy. This gives me a transitional quad on which to learn more advanced flying techniques without the expense and hassle of constantly fixing a bigger quad with more mass, more expensive props, etc. Verrrrry nice.

-- Construction --
(4) Turnigy 1811-2000 motors
(4) Plush 6A ESCs
HK MultiWii flight control board
OrangeRX R615 Spektrum-protocol receiver
HK 5x3 counter-rotating prop set, red
HK 5x3 counter-rotating prop set, black
Custom-built frameset, with tie-wrap landing skids

-- Specage --
Dry weight so far: 125 grams
AUW with nano-tech 850 2S 25C: 174 grams
Shaft-to-shaft: 270 mm
Flight time: 6 mins or so, maybe longer -- I keep crashing and doing silly stuff