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Posted by A Useless Geek | Mar 16, 2010 @ 08:33 AM | 6,006 Views
You like Velcro? I like Velcro.
I settled on a technique for making the Smarty Pants wings that goes like this: put the wings together upside down on a flat surface. Tape the bottom of the seam together with packing tape, something that will release later on. Flip the wing assembly over and apply pre-wetted Gorilla Glue to the seam. Prop one wing up at the proper angle. Weight down the wing lying flat. Wait.

Later, I glue the wing assembly to the fuselage with more GG. Clamp that little bugger into place.

After it has thoroughly cured take it out to the garage and use the belt sander to grind the whole front end to a flat that's at the correct down and right thrust angle.

Make a Smarty Pants out of it.
So, you need to squash that assembly you're working on to make it flat? Don't go running all over the house looking for heavy junk to put on top of the spreader panel -- just use a bucket of water. Lots o' mass and simple. Plus you can dump the water on the rose bushes afterwards to store the bucket without weight.
Posted by A Useless Geek | Mar 15, 2010 @ 04:39 PM | 5,859 Views
Okay, so I don't learn all that quick sometimes. Yeah, it's stupid to make the same mistakes others have already made, but sometimes I make those same mistakes in a New! IMPROVED!! way. Sometimes.

If the elevons on a delta plane aren't far enough apart and/or don't bite a wide enough swath of the air coming off the trailing edge of the wing and/or allow the air to spill off the sides instead of going all the way out the back then they might not be all that effective in steering the plane. Maybe. They weren't in the case of the Mid Failure.

Yeah, the elevons are deep, but not very wide. Yeah, they are trapped between the vert stabs, but the air can spill off the inside edge. Yeah, there's lots of elevon swept area, but not enough of the width of the wing is used for the control surfaces. Also, they are right next to each other instead of being out at the ends of the wing.

So, this plane sucketh. It will loop like crazy, but it won't steer. Now I gotta chop it up to add some elevon out towards the wingtips, eh? Stay tuned.


Added the elevons outside of the vertical stabs. Made a single elevator in between the stabs. Moved the C/G forward a bit. Flies almost like a plane now.

Later still:

It still tended towards tail-heaviness, so I tuned up the plan form into a more common layout. Now it looks like the same form as an Albacorde or other planes of that type. So much for turning a plan form into a plane form.