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This pilot seems pretty mad at his ground crew for not inspecting his cockpit for potential threats> :0)
Posted by Alan 3D | Yesterday @ 06:03 PM | 2,447 Views
When you have a receiver that also has a external remote receiver or satellite receiver they are binded together at the same time. So often you are binding two receivers. You can bind as many receivers together as you want sometimes at the same time or one at a time so long as they're the same or in the same class but do not bind 2 or more telemetry receivers together. There can only be one Telemetry receiver. When binding make sure that the LED's from all receiver including remote satellite receiver indicators show that they are all binded together. If not then you will not have the benefit of the receiver diversity which is more is better than less.
It doesn't matter if you have two main receivers and two remote receivers making 4 receivers. You can bind them all as long as they're the same class. If they are the same model then you know they are. Just do not bind 2 or more Telemetry receivers together.

What determines bind class is the speed and the type of the receiver.

Spektrum receivers
Older receivers tend to be the 22 millisecond variety.

Newer 6 channel receivers and up maybe 11milliseconds.

Types of spektrum receiver would be DSM or

Speed and type of receiver is displayed during binding and is set in the receiver and cannot be changed.

As long as the receivers are the same type for instance dsmx and speed 22ms, and if the receivers have the same amount of channels binding will be relatively easy. Receivers do not need to have the same...Continue Reading
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Name: falcon.jpg
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Size: 458.7 KB

(this is the translation of my article written in Russian)

After experimenting with 2-motor aerobatic wings, I decided to make a 2-motor FPV wing as well. Why? The weight of the Arlequin IV is about 250 g, which is noticeably less than the weight of any of same wingspan (90 cm) classical scheme aerobatic models, also flying wings are much easier to transport, they can be packed in a small flat box-suitcase. Therefore, I could expect the FPV variant of the 2-motor wing will also retain these features.

Goals did I set

- The minimum reasonable size and weight of outdoor model - decided to make the model as light as possible.
- Maneuverability - the model must be able to perform aerobatics, and also be able to fly in parks between trees.
- Although 2-motor wings can fly very slowly, but the most interesting experience is high-speed low altitude FPV flight.
- Ease of manufacture and setup - the pilot FPV model definitely should not be "long-range" flyer - model should have minimum of electronics, standard 2.4 GHz receiver for the control channel, 400 mW video transmitter and shouldnt have video recording system, as well as GPS navigation .


As Arlequin IV Falcon 1000 is made using the "EPP + milled carbon technology", but it much more rigid - the frame is 3 carbon tubes triangle, the elevons are also reinforced with carbon elements. As the load on EEP elements is significantly reduced, therefore, in some...Continue Reading
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Servo wobble not to be confused with jitter, twitching or humming.

I've been flying for 35 years, I have seen this problem at least on three occasions on different aircraft.

Servo wobble is where the servo appears to go past the center point and then has to come back overshooting the center again going back and forth eventually settles down at center. This would suggest a bad connection. The servo also appears to be moving slower.
This could be due to a bad servo lead extension or the servo wire/connector itself or a bad servo. The bad connection could even go all the way back to the receiver.

First thing to do is to test the servo by plugging it into another source for example if you have an aileron that has wobble, and there are two servos for the ailerons, switch to two wires so the left is right and the right is now left. If the wobble is still on the same servo then you know it's not the receiver connection. It could be a servo extension lead going to the servo or the connection at the servo. Worst case scenario it's a bad servo.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 02:16 PM | 4,008 Views
I cut the nose block this morning....Here's how: I printed the plan and side views of the nose block patterns on plain paper, then afixed that to some light weight cardboard (USPS Flat Rate Boxes are perfect). then I glued those patterns to the blank with a very light coat of spray adhesive (M45 was the best, but it's no longer available). Then I cut the side patterns by pulling the blank across the wire....I glued those back on with a light coat of spray, and then cut the top/bottom pattern...pealed everything off, and I have a nose block ready to be finished shaped and sanded. I'll do the same for the canopy.

Here's a link to the nacelles:
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I passed on getting out yesterday in the first NorEaster of the year , with gusts over 40 it would have been epic ....
Experience has shown me that the day after the storm hits ,the wrap around winds continue often with blue sky

The wind was predicted to be 13 , but once at the top I was seeing 15 to over 20. Perfect for a true test for my new mini warbird .

She launched easily with just a gentle push from my left hand ,penetrating thru the wind flat straight and level .

Lift on my hill ebbs and flows and with sun bubbles of sink pass thru , so flying the energy of the air is the order of the day.
Just a tickle of up elevator will show you
when there is lift,
The its important to be aware of the wind direction ,ours vectors around so I fly different areas on the hill or out in
front .
Any way -I removed most of the trim I had added on my first test throws and wound up with a flat elevator

Mini warbird is the perfect description as she rewards smooth flying and signals when she is getting too slow or sink by getting mushy. Just like my bigger 60 birds .
It penetrates well (it is pretty sleek ) and carries its energy pretty good -its only 11.5 oz after all

I put in a 30 minute flight and headed back down the hill ,almost on my but at one point when I slipped on the ice base

A Excellent outing with a excellent little plane
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 12:16 PM | 4,737 Views
Had to make a new servo tray...took about 10 the elevator servos mounted and the aileron servos let in to the underside of the wing. Push rod guides are plastic coffee stirrers
Posted by Flywoman172 | Yesterday @ 12:12 PM | 4,755 Views
Deuces wild Looking for this plane does anyone have one for sale contact me Tina at 704-288-8964
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Micro TX module with 1000mW in black

BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX – can be powered externally with 2S battery (5V-12V)

...Continue Reading
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The 1:12 RC off-road car has a 550 brushed motor, but it can 56kmh with a 2S battery and 66kmh with a 3S battery, transmitter, 2x 2S 2600mAh batteries are included.

Wltoys 124019 Off-Road Buggy RC Auto
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Form Andy Kunz:

"DSMX allows only 10 channels in 11ms mode. 4 channels (2,3,4 and 6) are at 11ms, and the remaining 6 channels are at 22ms.

If you change to 22ms mode, then you have 12 channels at 22ms and 8 channels variable (22-88).

It shows this on the Frame Rate screen display on IX and NX radios.


Posted by xplaneguy | Yesterday @ 01:40 AM | 8,956 Views
Photos from a fun day with my buddy Corey Dail.

Keep 'Em Flying!
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Face tracker 1 (8 min 14 sec)

The decision was made to transfer to using a face tracker instead of manually pointing the pole cam. Manual pointing would override the face tracker if the remote control was powered on, but it was expected to disappear. The lion kingdom found itself running more often without powering the servo, since carrying around the 2nd paw controller was a hassle. It was manely used for pointing the camera at the lion instead of viewing anything else. The most desirable shots were tracking the lion during a turn, but this wasn't possible with manual pointing.

The ideal tracker would run a pose tracker & face tracker. This can run reasonably well on a 4GB GPU. The face tracker would pick out the lion & the pose tracker would track any visible body part when the face wasn't visible. Unfortunately, the embedded GPUs of the past were all discontinued so the lion kingdom settled on just the opencv face tracker on a raspberry pi 4B.

Opencv face tracking is split into face detection & face recognition. Face recognition goes at 3fps while face detection goes at 7fps, so just the largest face is tracked. There is an optical flow step which keeps tracking the same face for a short time if a larger face appears. Optical flow works better at higher frame rates, but the best the pi can do is 7.8fps. Further optimization for slower modern confusers involved scaling down the video to 640x360.

The gopro 7 delays its HDMI feed...Continue Reading
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I have been given an old Flair cable tensioner, previously I have just had adjusters on each cable - has anyone any experience of the Flair device or similar and do they work?
Posted by phil alvirez | Jan 17, 2022 @ 10:41 AM | 14,762 Views
we hear about DSM2, DSMX, and so many other alphabet soup letters...
but, what does it mean?
what we get from that?
i have found some links to threads about it and i would like to bring some to see if you learn what is this all about.
for instance:
more specifically:
this in particular explains it well what the letters used by brands:
here we find links to most brands:
and here he tells us which 1 is better: isnt?
but then we get the final word about all of it here:
" all modern model RC systems to the best of my knowledge are both FHSS and DSSS.
They describe different parts of the generation of the RF signal.
FHSS is the scheme by which the frequency hops around the 2.4 band to minimise any chance of swamping by other 2.4 signals from powerful transmissions.
DSSS is an encoding scheme on those frequencies that optimises the signal to noise ratio.
Combination of the two gives the best chance of a long range reliable control link.
The last paragraph of the David Buxton document "RC Spread Spectrum Demystified summarises it all:
"Our radios use FHSS, which is modulated using DSSS, which is modulated using CDMA, which is modulated using frequency or phase...Continue Reading
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