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Posted by JohnathanSwift | May 23, 2013 @ 11:01 AM | 13,135 Views
Well, it looks like Trappy-Sander-crypto nazi took their last voyage under that name, but I'm sure they have more troll accounts to fall back on. It's alright, boys, ole donk wishes you a merry Christmas!

I'm honored. A full on attack from Trappy or Sander and Casuistry. It would seem that something is afoot, like a deal with the FAA that will make Trappy a double arse clown if that is possible. Now, sadly, the rest of us must live with the terrific mess they created, along with the Great Pyramid of Sophistry.

Hm, now BM hints at greater victories ahead. I predict the koolaid is unsweetened.

Wow! Flapping and hissing from Trap but nothing from BM! Will Kramer Levin continue to spend its time and dough on Trap who says $10,000 is all HE can lose?

Hi, Tim! Hi, Patrick!

Well, it looks like Trappy got hosed. Trap, I know a guy, who knows a guy in Bolivia. Great place, you will love it! The clocks were decreed to run backwards!

Back from the land of the Inca! Looks like Dominic will be here soon!

Well, it's off to South America! I'll ask the local donks about a new venue, Trappy, as you may need it.

Flash! The donkey barn will move to San Anton!

For those interested in the virtual donkey barn, it is no more than a take off on La Trap's contention that it is North of Moronic.

Watch this space for more iconoclastic sermons!

Say little Turk, you can kiss my arse!

Can you say, "CHEVRON", Don?


For old pals.

Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey (2 min 21 sec)

Dominick the Donkey (2 min 31 sec)