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Posted by r39o | Oct 12, 2018 @ 02:56 PM | 7,068 Views
This is an effective simple battery holder I have been making for the T-28 for many years.

The idea is to keep the battery from moving fore and aft after balancing.

I have rehabbed about 2 dozen T-28s. All need something. Many times a PO has done something that makes it impossible to secure the battery unless a mount like this is used.

Look at the pictures. This mount is always a Tee, but needs fitting or altering depending on the plane in for repairs.

I make the Tee out of wide tongue depressors, or maybe Popsicle sticks. (we have a box of craft sticks from Walmart.

I get the Velcro from Walmart.

I 5 minute expoxy the Tee pieces but hot melt glue it in place, as I find that most effective.

This post is to give you ideas.

This setup works well for me.....

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