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Posted by bjornkipper | Mar 20, 2010 @ 06:02 PM | 3,501 Views
The stock 130 brushed engine complementing the Cox warbird series, has me pondering the usefullness of these toy motors that are so often incorporated into "ARF" products. Do they really put in any considerable runtime for us?
I have never really experienced any prolonged "runtime" with these motors.

During my third test run of the motor just after charging the battery pack, my 130 engine burned up during a short accelerated test-run with 7.4V Li-Po set up, after about 10 minutes total runtime. I have also found other comments that are adressing the same issue. For this reason, i would like to hear from you if you want to let me know what a fool i am, wasting my time on these sorry excuses for power sources in our dearly beloved models.

but i wanted to give the old brushrunner a longshot for the moon......

I think most would concure with me, in giving it a fair chance, but they do let me down every time. Should i keep out of these stock motors?

Comments/similar experiences? Thankyou for sharing your response.