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Posted by HOTMAILcity | Sep 18, 2020 @ 01:40 PM | 2,271 Views
◄► Robert Graves .. Poseidon's name, which was sometimes spelt Potidan, may have been borrowed from that of his goddess—mother, after whom the city Potidaea was called: the water—goddess of Ida ..

Ida meaning any wooded mountain .. "Poseidon" means "forest" .. literally ‘(wood) outside’, from Latin foris ‘outside’ ..

The names : Forestier, Forrester, Förster, etc., in literary works, appear to have a philosophical association with the symbolism of Poseidon .. (?) ..

The wild forests of (Le Tell septentrional), s'étendent, before the destruction of Atlantis, sur 2 500 km from Morocco to Tunisia ..

(Atlantic or Atlas) refer literally to (Tall, High)= (الطَّوْل) denote (strength) .. verb (طالَ) = be long, high, great, superior, powerful ..

Murry Hope .. It is amazing to what irrational lengths people will go to disprove something they find difficult to accept, or to prove that which takes their fancy ..
Muck asserts, that Atlantis received its name from the high mountains, that dominated its impressive landscapes, and gave it, in turn, to the surrounding Ocean ..

IT'S FIRST KING was designated the son of Poseidon, GOD OF THE SEA, and paralleled with Atlas, bearer of the heavenly vault ..

◄► The Tell Atlas is a mountain chain over 1,500 kilometres in length, belonging to the Atlas mountain ranges and stretching...Continue Reading
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Some German words have the same letters as in Arabic .. ex. bald = (بعد) .. (b) stand for (ب) .. (d) for (د) .. But (l) for (ع), because the sound (ع) don't exist in German, and the lower case letter (l) as a closed loop, looks like (ع) when it is written between other letters inside a word ..

(swim, Schwimmen, swimming / عام or عَوْم) .. (m) stand for (م) .. (w) for (و) .. But (sch / s) for (ع), because the sound (ع) don't exist in German ..

Arabs are commonly typified as A DESERT PEOPLE .. But the word for (year / عام) point to a language connected with A SEA PEOPLE! .. (Incongruity تعارض) create a great need for resolution - Reuven Feuerstein ..

general public / العَامَّةُ or العُمُوم ..

uncle , Onkel عم ..

blindness / عمى ..

Ich kam am Spätvormittag des 2. (يوم) Oktober 1957 (عام) zur Welt. Der Professor, der meine Mutter entband, war ein enger Freund meines Vaters .. Ein enger Freund, a close friend is (صديق حميم ) .. And (حميم) is from (حمى) hence (حمية) meaning (zeal, حماس&#...Continue Reading
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The Boys We Need, by Anon ..

I trust the boy who’s not afraid.
To do his share of work;
Who never is by toil dismayed,
And never tries to shirk ..

shirk = sich drücken (um eine Pflicht) .. need = benötigen, brauchen .. share = Anteil .. toil = mühsame Arbeit, Plackerei .. dismay = erschrecken ..

◄► Nils is a Scandinavian given name, chiefly Norwegian, and Arabic (نال) resemble to Scandinavian (Nils) .. ..

Nils is a lazy boy, ein Faulenzer .. He came across the coincidence of taking an elf, as a prisoner .. The elf proposed to offer him a gift = (Nawel نوال), in return for his liberation, but Nils tried to seize the opportunity and bargain with the elf, in order to (win ظفر) bigger things .. Contrary to expectations, Nils (received نال) a degrading punishment .. ..

offer = give, bestow, donate, spenden, (نَوَّلَ or أعطى or أنال) or (أحظى , allot) .. (receive نال) a gift, eine Gabe, عطية, un cadeau, a prize ..

Semantically and phonetically speaking, (Noël) is close to (نَوَّلَ) and (Nawel نوال) .. Hence connectedness between the elf and (Père Noël) ..

◄► Sharp clawed predators give chase to fleeing prey .. The moment when they take...Continue Reading