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Posted by mike_kelly | Dec 29, 2017 @ 11:50 AM | 23,159 Views
I have been an Amateur Radio operator, AL7AK, for a long time and I have done some really fun projects in HAM radio -Talking through an orbiting satellite, being part of a world wide contest station, and doing emergency tests in below zero remote locations in Alaska.

I have had the idea for a while to see if i could make an emergency VHF radio repeater drone. VHF handie talkies are used in emergencies for rescue coordination and aid delivery during disasters and HAM radio operators have a fine tradition of stepping up the plate during such events. For an active civic minded radio club it is not uncommon for them to provide for emergency backup power for their mountain top repeaters that allow the hand held radios to communicate over much farther range.

But disasters don't often conveniently happen in places where HAMs have prepared for such events and instead can happen in remote and difficult areas.

The idea behind this project is to see if I can build a tethered multirotor that can carry aloft an amateur radio emergency repeater that could be deployed anywhere and stay in the air for an extended period of time.

The problem with tethered multirotors is the current required to power a multirotor. A 6s octocopter can pull 20 amps or more and the power cable needed from the ground to the multirotor would be too big and heavy for the multirotor to lift. So most people solve this problem by feeding the multirotor with a higher voltage, which allows lower current for the...Continue Reading