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Posted by mike_kelly | Aug 31, 2016 @ 03:39 AM | 20,329 Views

My last project was a H4 680 folding quad. I really like this frame, available in a variety of slightly different versions, because it is light weight and folds into a small package. It commonly yields builds where users are getting 30 minutes of flight time. It has a more logical main box that is rectangular and seems easier to mount typical electronics than the popular frames out there with circular main plates. I built the "two clamp" version and I was very satisfied with the build.

But Daya has just released a new version of this popular frame. In my opinion they have improved many of the features and fixed weak spots in the previous versions.

Even though it is a 680mm frame it folds smaller than the previous versions. The frame is shorter but the center box is wider making it even easier to get the electronics needed inside.
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