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Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 07, 2016 @ 04:28 PM | 22,626 Views

Comparison attached as PDF at end, Compare_minis_3.pdf

02/17/17 added zip file with original spreadsheet and corrections for MicroPix.

It is very exciting to be at the beginning of a new technology. It is a time of great growth and new ideas but also a time of chaos.

I found myself needing to substitute one mini Pixhawk variation for another, in a finished build and started to check the pinouts of the similar connectors. I was surprised to find how different and impossible it was to substitute one for the other. I decided to survey the mini Pixhawk field and see just how different the cabling is between them, compared to the Gold standard of the original Pixhawk designed by Lorenz Meier (Pixhawk.org).

I found out why it is so hard to simply get a GPS connected to a mini Pixhawk.

The industry desperately needs a 500lb Gorilla to come into the field and force everyone to conform to a standard so we can get rid of the ridiculous chaos.

I should make a comment about connectors here. The original Pixhawk used DF13 connectors and they have what I describe as a square hole as opposed to the similar Molex Picoblade which has slot like holes. The two can be interchanged but it is not a perfect fit. The last and most commonly used in the mini Pixhawk field is the JST-SH 1.0. It is noticeably smaller than the other two.

From left to right, the JST-SH 1.0, the Molex Picoblade, then the DF13.

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