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Posted by mike_kelly | Feb 05, 2016 @ 11:01 AM | 17,988 Views
* The Beaglebone organization has just released (Spring 2017) a new Beaglebone with sensors built-in for robotics https://beagleboard.org/blue
* Mirko Denecke once again ported Ardupilot to work with the Blue so we have a single board computer running linux that does not require an
* additional cape to provide sensors and sells for less than $100 US.
* Here is Mirko's documentation on using the Beaglebone blue with Ardupilot: https://github.com/mirkix/ardupilotblue

The RC world has come a long way in the last few years due to the advent of flight control computers. The abilities and features of these boards have been improving and changing at a rapid rate. So much so that some flight controllers have become quickly obsolete because the boards ran out of room to store the programming on board or ran out of computing power to run the more sophisticated mathematics the allows smoother more reliable flight.

Case in point is the APM flight controller from the open source Ardupilot project. This 8 bit computer based flight computer was a great upgrade from it's arduino beginnings but as time passed and more features and improvements were added it began to be hard for the developers to fit their code on the board, constantly running out of room. The cpu just was not fast enough for the new mathematical routines that were needed.

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