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Posted by mike_kelly | Jul 04, 2015 @ 12:14 PM | 13,224 Views
*********** This article is now a year old. As with any technology this item is now obsolete and too slow for the latest versions of Tower etc. There are other low priced tablets on Ebay that are faster and a better choice now. ***********
***** Oct 2017, I feel compelled to add a note that the last two tablets I have puchased off Ebay have come "rooted". What this means is that they were installed with a permanent back door that would allow someone to remotely control and remotely steal accounts and passwords from the tablet. So I will not be buying anymore smartphones or tablets from Ebay.
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I'll say it right up front. I hate tablets. I don't like gestures and I miss my good old keyboard. The first tablet I bought had a resistive touch screen which was horrible. I found the early versions of Android to be buggy and unreliable.

So why did I get another tablet? I must have been tired late at night.

Or I heard the siren song of the foolish. $29 for a 7" Android tablet.

I bought a Maylong M-295 from Ebay:

I just knew I was going to be sorry.

But to my surprise this little tablet actually works. It is not the fastest thing in the electronics world but it is satisfactory. I needed to pause just a moment rather than zooming around. I...Continue Reading