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Posted by mike_kelly | May 06, 2014 @ 02:04 PM | 23,665 Views
I have been concerned with the purchase of FPV goggles that my eyes may not land in the range that the optics of most mass produced goggles are designed. They are an expensive option and if they don't fit, or work for me, I would be stuck with them.

As an alternative to commerical goggles, I came across this post
about a kit made by a fellow in Poland. It uses a single 3.5" lcd monitor mounted in a custom made case. The virtures of this approach, for me, are that there is no inter-pupal distance to be concerned about, there is only one screen not two. Next I can use my own glasses, which I needed to do in addition to the supplied Fresnel lense.

I received my kit today and I am very impressed. Marek has produced a brilliantly simple product. Very carefully thought out with everything I needed, except the LCD screen, to assemble the goggles in about 20 minutes following Mareks Youtube video:

I used the recommended lcd monitor linked to at his website(http://napolskimniebie.pl/_oferta/oferta.htm#rwd13).


I don't believe this monitor is actually 640x480 as indicated by the ebay seller. It looks closer to 320x200 by counting pixels. But it is a sharp lcd and works fine. I think the issue is what your FPV camera is actually sending to the ground station. It doesn't do any good to have a higher quality...Continue Reading