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Posted by accgulf | Dec 26, 2019 @ 01:38 AM | 728 Views
Leakages are horrible, but do you know what’s worse? Trying to stop them! If you have a leaking tap or a leaking hole – you need to cover it, right? But how do you stop the water from flowing? It requires strength along with industrial tape to stop – so how do you temporarily or permanently stop leakages with tape? We’ll tell you how!

First of all, stop the flow of the water – from the source, i.e., from the valve which is connected to the leaking pipe. Once you have stopped the flow from the source, dry the tap or the leaking area completely with sheets and paper. It needs to be absolutely dry before you can use a tape on the area. Once it’s completely dried and you’ve waited for 5 minutes, wrap the industrial tape tightly around the tap or the leaking area, and rub it over a couple of times to ensure it is properly stuck in place.

There are a lot of companies in Dubai who deal in these heavy duty industrial tapes and these can help you temporarily stop leakages in your house. For the more permanent solution, it’s best to call for professional help as if the leakages worsen, it can harm you a lot more than you can imagine.

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