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Posted by pedro castelani | Dec 27, 2019 @ 12:33 PM | 335 Views
I built a f450 based on an APM 2.8 during August and bought a 3s battery for it two weeks ago. My issue is that one of the motors is stuttering and, if it starts spinning correctly, heats up after a small while of flight. Like crazy hot. Even though its summer here, anybody can notice that the other motors are a lot cooler and there something wrong with that specific motor or its ESC. I searched the web and found that ESC out of sync might be the cause, but I resoldered and later switched both CW motors (leaving the ESCs in the same place they were) and I cant get the problematic motor to start spinning correctly, except 1 out of 10 times. The other one works without flaws.
The problem is that Im planning on taking it to a trip with some friends, and if the motor fails in the middle of a flight I could lose 600 bucks. All tests Ive done were at home and for a few minutes, and I never really ran a risk of totally losing it. Since the ESCs appear to work fine, I assume its the motor. Thing is, I live outside the US and only two guys sell f450 motors on the amazon-style website, and none would get here on time. Amazon doesnt exactly send things here, and it is customary of the country to have exceedingly high custom fees. So forget about ordering them on Amazon, unless I find someone who is just coming from the US and is close enough to the seller. Any ideas on what might be the problem and solution? I suppose Ill resolder that motor again just in case to be totally sure its not dysync. However, the motor only stutters when it has the prop on. Ill run a few other tests to see what could be happening.
Thanks a lot!