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This Build Log will describe the build of an own design electric powered Beech King Air B200.

It is my fourth OD project, the others being a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy and a Piaggio 136 amphibian. All are still flying.

The Twin Pioneer was a rugged twin engine STOL transport aircraft, used by the RAF in the 1960s and was used in the Aden and Borneo theatres. An example is in the Cosford Museum and until recently one was operated by the Classic Air Force at Coventry airport. The model is electric powered and features operating Fowler flaps.

The Argosy was a four-engine transport aircraft, forerunner to the Hercules in RAF service, The model is electric powered, featuring OD retracts operating in a similar manner to the original, opening rear cargo doors and in-flight cargo drop system. The Argosy is proving popular at fly-ins and the local patch doing its cargo drop party piece (on You-Tube).

The Piaggio 136 was a 1950s Italian built amphibian aircraft with gull wings and twin pusher engines. It carried four persons in a large cabin and had good range and speed. It also looked great! The Piaggio was the subject of my previous build log on RC Groups, with a downloadable plan attached at the end of the log. It features OD retracts, gull wings, pusher motors, flaps and flies equally well from land or water.

The King Air model will be at 1:8 scale, giving a span of 2.2 m (7 ft 2 inches). Length is 1.336 m (52.8 inches)....Continue Reading
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NOTE:This post contains practices already known to experienced builders and is really a catalogue of my learning for reflection after I maiden to see if indeed performance of my model has improved.

Summary of Alterations from Original Build

Weight 4.2kg Empty (-200g)/ 4.55kg Fuelled
Wing Loading 105g/cm2 (24oz/sq.In) (-5g/cm2)
Prop Size 14x6 2-Blade APC
Flight Time TBC
Stall Speed 46km/hr / 48km/hr
Centre of Gravity 95mm

Control Throws
Ailerons High 15Degrees / 10% expo
Ailerons Low 17 Degrees / 10% expo

Elevator High 10 Degrees / 20% expo Need higher rates
Elevator Low 28 Degrees / 50% Expo Need higher rates

Rudder High 25 Degrees / 30% Expo
Rudder Low 15 Degrees / 30% Expo

Flight Characteristics
TBC on maiden

Around 6 months ago I maidened my first ever complete RC model build. Despite being a good looking scale model it has many issues resulting from a lack of build experience.

Amoung these were:
Very high wing loading (heavy build, heavy tail resulting in 400grams of nose weight)
Sluggish aileron response and precision (belcrank setup lagged and had free movement)
Snakey ground handling (tailwheel excess play and wheel axle mating was loose)
Overheating (airflow)

During a test ans buddy box run with one of my mentors, we overflew her fuel tank, the motor cut out and i had to deadstick downwind in the outfield. The resulting damage was a smashed nose, and split and heavily damaged wing.

This blog is going to track my...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
Presque 1km de portée vidéo !!! Comme promis, voici donc un premier test du Eachine EX4. Pas déçu du tout par mes premières impressions, un beau packaging et des performances plutôt respectables pour cet engin proposé à moins de 200€ avec coupon. Pour ce 1er essai, on s’intéresse à la qualité de l'image, à l'autonomie et à la portée. Résultat concluant ! Il tient ses promesses pour un petit appareil pliable et léger, on n'est pas dans le haut de gamme c'est clair mais le contrat est rempli selon moi.
En bref, pour l'instant, c'est un très bon petit engin pour ceux qui veulent rapporter quelques images aériennes de leurs sorties ou vacances. Bon Film, Bon Vol et .... BONNE ANNÉE 2020 !

Eachine EX4 - Review Test Démo - Presque 1km de portée vidéo !!! (28 min 53 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Plutôt satisfait pour l'instant ...

Niveau : Débutants / confirmés.
Les + : Compact, Facile à transporter, Belles finitions, Bonne portée vidéo et radio, Autonomie correcte, Image correcte.
Les - : Radiocommande un peu cheap, Charge batterie en USB (long),

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- Page Tazkiller85 sur BANGGOOD :

- Eachine EX4 (Coupon BGEX412 ) 164€ :

- TOUTES LES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2019 (remis à jour régulièrement, gardez ce lien en favori ou raccourci pour vos achats sur Banggood ) : ...Continue Reading
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Can anyone on RCG explain this to me? Please? Why is this selling for $60?
The LOWEST Priced [SERIOUS] Race Drone of 2019 - This is not a toy. (7 min 42 sec)

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Lance Langham. Flying high now, as always.

If you believe in heaven, well that’s where this extraordinary flyer is soaring now.
I met Lance many years ago, when I ventured up to Mount Hollowback Ballarat to fly my ‘Tequila’ (An Aussie pirated version of the better known Aquila thermaller).
I was, like most beginners, in more than a bit of trouble! I had designed and built quite a few ‘imaginitive’ freeflight aircraft so I wasn’t an absolute mug, but…

Lance was there, saw my plight, obviously took pity on me and took me under his wing, and from there I didn’t look back because Lance was a patient and talented instructor. And just wonderful company too.

As well as the flying, we had a mutual interest in the design and construction, as well as the aeronautical aspects. (I had been reading the classic ‘Circular Airflow’ by Frank Zaic, a seminal work on aeronautical / model design). But I think that Lance had been listening to the Hawks and Wedgies because he had the advantage!
Lance was a good instructor… very good, but not that good that I suddenly stopped crashing! I soon realized that I needed to mold my own aircraft because I couldn’t possibly keep buying them.
So fiberglass molds, airfoil templates, foam cores, hotwire cutters, wing presses etc became de-rigeur. For many years Lance and I exchanged ideas on all this, which was a great delight. But, and get this clear, whilst my designs worked pretty well, Lance’s were well ahead. He had an instinctive feel for...Continue Reading
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It’s been way too long for me. I did the math and the last time I have flown. It’s been 820 days since I have picked up a tx to go fly. With travel time to and from the new job time is in short supply. But not is all lost. I still build models just takes longer.

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I began 2019 with plans to build a new IMAC plane, a 35% scale Extra 300. I thought it might give me a wee advantage over my 30% Extra 330, allowing me to climb to new heights in scale aerobatics. Well, as the Scotts say about best laid plans ("The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, / Gang aft agley"), things did not turn out the way I expected.

In retrospect I can't complain. I realized a dream I hadn't dared to voice out loud.

At the end of the season in 2018 I moved up from Sportsman to Intermediate class in IMAC. The most I had hoped for in 2019 was to learn the skills needed to be a competent pilot in this new class. The step up to Intermediate was a challenge. I had to learn how to do negative snaps, combination rolls, and get comfortable pushing to inverted from a long dive with multiple roll elements. I had to learn how to do a roller, turning the plane 90 degrees while completing a full roll, from upright and inverted, without climbing or descending. As much as I needed the new plane, once competition began I wanted to be out flying. Being stuck in my basement making sawdust was lower on my list of priorities. The catch was that I would have to be that much better of a pilot in order to remain competitive in the new class.

As anyone who has followed this blog knows, I accomplished that and more. I did my first 360 degree roller in June, from upright and inverted. I flew my "little" electric Extra against 43% scale, piston...Continue Reading
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Looks like it is time to move on from this hobby after 57 years or go back to controline. What is it going to cost to put a tracking unit in each aircraft so it can be monitored.Not fun anymore.Will be unloading kits,engines radios and planes shortly.
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