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Posted by blade strike | Nov 08, 2014 @ 01:48 PM | 69,777 Views
I received some of the new p2 2312 Motors and v2 ESC's. Flying at 7000' on an average I have been looking forward to this upgrade. Ever since the Installed the h3-3d on the p2 I have felt this was about all the p2 to could handle at this altitude. I did receive some of the 9450 props a few months back and they did help. Cant wait to try the new motors with the new props, should be a good combo for fat phantoms

Anyone that has soldered new ESC and or motors on the Phantoms know you need a hot iron and work fast. You can not leave the iron on the wires for any amount of time or they will be damaged, so please be carful and make sure you have the right equipment.

I chose to solder the motors to the ESC's before installing them into the body. This way just provides more room to work and don't have to worry as much while soldering.


You will need to make two sets of each motor and ESC combo (CCW / CW).
CCW, Motor 1 and 3 ( A= Black, B= Red, C= Yellow)

CW, Motor 2 and 4 (A= Black, B= Yellow, C= RED)
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