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Here is a simple way to connect a buddy trainer radio, without cable.
One needs:
- a standard receiver, bound to the student's transmitter
- a PPM encoder (look for 'PPM Encoder' on eBay: less than 5 $, shipped from China).
- a BEC (provides 5volts for the receiver & encoder)
- A small LiPo (2S or 3S for instance)
- The appropriate connector to connect to the master transmitter (example: a simple audio jack for JR/Spektrum)

Note 1: This should work with any brand of transmitter, not necessarily the same on the master & student sides. If the channels are not in the right order, just swap some wires between the receiver's outputs and the encoder's inputs.

Note 2: if you have a receiver with a PPM output, then, in principle, the encoder is not required. However, there would be no physical way to adjust the channel order (but maybe one of the two transmitters is sophisticated enough, so that one could change the channel order at the software level).

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While flying out at PVMAC, I caught video of this Legend Models P-38. It looked and flew really nicely and had awesome power. The size of the airplane was really nice too. Not too big, but not small either.

Legend Models P-38 Lightning Flight at PVMAC (83" span, electric) (3 min 46 sec)

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have just got some genissis/fat shark goggles, but after 10 mins would start to mist up. was going to move all the bit across to my cyclops goggles.the cyclops fit my face better ( small head ) changed my mind so added foam tape to the goggles to fit my face better. then added two 40 mm 12 volt fan motors . one for air in and one for air out. made some duct out of card power via balance port off of battery . works a treat,goggles now looks like they have ears
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Updated February 21 2017 overview of my largest and greatest planes (currently 23 ceiling hung / wall-mounted) in Hangar Bay 1.

Select Your Aircraft - The Main Fleet: Updated 2/21/17 (1 min 32 sec)

My larger planes in Hangar Bay 1 consumed a lot of floor space until they were hung from the ceiling by ceiling planter hangers, anchored to the ceiling studs. I'm using 550 paracord for hanging material and the wings and fuselage are protected from foam denting with the paracord by a protective hollow core foam pipe insulation material that can be purchased at Lowes, Ace, or Home Depot. I just had to cut a pair of protective pipe foam segments to fit on the bottom of the wings, and/or fuselage and the planes are hung from the pipe foam with the paracord.
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Control Distance : About 120 meters
Frequency : 2.4 G
Battery : 7.4 V (1500mah)
Transmitter Battery : 6 pcs * 1.5 AA (not included)
Voltage : 7.4 V
Age : 14 +
Charging Time : 3.5h
Flying Time : 9-11 mins
FX067C Weight : 416g
Size: 61 * 11.3 * 19.1cmTail Blade Diameter: 11 cmMain Blade Diameter: 56 cm
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TaraniJuke is a music player for the FrSky Taranis X9D/X9DP running OpenTX 2.1. It consists of a set of Lua scripts running on the Taranis that enable the user to choose a playlist of wav files and then control the playing of these files.
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so honestly I'll try not post another vid of basic flip practice

k110 flips (1 min 41 sec)

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this happens!!! UGH!!!

90mm F-15 flight with off runway roll over (2 min 43 sec)

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You can't panic... here watch this....

Final F-15 formation with Broken gimbal on radio (5 min 41 sec)

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Can you put the stock eflite apprentice s 15e safe receiver into the hobbyking Stinger 64 MK2 4S EDF Sport Jet 700mm?
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Back to RC vids... The new Fortune sportjet by T1 models. Beautiful plane
T1 FORTUNE RC TURBINE JET HD Maiden day (5 min 58 sec)

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I have a Eachine racer 250 that has never flown, I have had three people locally try to get it to connect to the computer to log on to the flight plan, and now I have sent it off to be repaired professionally to a business in Houston Texas and after they tried for two hours they informed me that they could not get it to work. Is there anybody who may know the reason why I cannot get this drone to work? It has been very strict frustrating considering I've had the Drone for almost 1 1/2 years now, and it's blocked every attempt to get it in the air.
Any help or advice would be appreciated and thank you in advance.
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I have no idea how this works so this is just a test post.
I have never done a BLOG
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Easier to sneak inside home, low cost, I have plenty of 2s 400mah lipos, already have a FPV goggle, played with a brushed micro quad and got hooked, so I decided to build a brushless micro quad.

Parts List

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Another of my favourites. (Amazing pilot skills)

Kosheen - Catch (F☠) (3 min 23 sec)

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Masterd the parkzone P47 awhile ago and was wondering what the next step up should be. I have been flying the UMX Planes but they get old fairly quick. Interested in warbirds primarily. Thanks.
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Hi All,

Thanks for using TTSAutomate. It's been surprisingly successful!

In the 6.5 months since I launched the tool, it has been downloaded over 1300 times, and more than 220000 voice files have been created using Ivona alone!

There are people using the tool in Australia, US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (plus probably more that I haven't heard from yet)

At the moment I'm very busy with my day job so I don't have much time to spend on TTSAutomate, but rest assured, there is progress being made.

I'm currently working on a wav file editor that will allow you to crop and trim silence from your wav files. There are also a number of bug fixes in the works for filename handling and general usability issues.
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Here is a video of me flying my JJRC H36 around fpv with the tiny CM275T aio fpv camera that I installed on it.I am pretty impressed with how well it works,also the H36 is a stock quad so not too bad with stock motors and a 150mah battery.Decent flight times,good fpv video,sure it is no acro flyer but it is a whole lot of fun

JJRC H36 Whoop With CM275T FPV AIO Camera (6 min 19 sec)

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Great video for the Hobie fans out there...

BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping: Hobie Alter 1933 - 2014 (8 min 34 sec)