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Posted by m15terroboto | Sep 23, 2010 @ 01:13 PM | 2,393 Views
been a while since I last updated so heres a quick round up!
Maidened the Alpha Jet - Crashed the Alpha Jet - not had the nerve since lol

Hovered the belt cp - hovered the belt cp - decided all I can do is hover the belt cp so I have decided to sell it!

The beauty of an RTF - 2.4ghz controller - one quick sale on ebay means more money in paypal account.
more money in paypal = enough to buy something else!

That something else to buy = Parkzone Micro P-51D
Will be here tomorrow
Posted by m15terroboto | Sep 01, 2010 @ 02:37 PM | 2,731 Views
So after my great flight the other day and my prediction about having 2 flights the next day, well things never went to plan!

On the 1st flight the hand launch never went right and it came down, rolled and hit the tail ok so I thought!
Next launch straight up straight down
outcome - new parts on order!

So that was the misery, now for the elation

My 2 parcels arrived today, the first

This is Art-Tech's Alpha Jet, I also ordered a Spektrum AR500 receiver as I have no intention of using the supplied TX/RX as my 2nd parcel was my Spektrum DX6i.

So the Alpha Jet was removed from the carefully packaged box.

I immediately set about stripping it down so I could swap the receivers.
Once I had figured roughly where it was I prised off a little glued on cover and there it was buried! I cut the double sided foam carefully and removed it.
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Posted by m15terroboto | Aug 30, 2010 @ 01:06 PM | 2,298 Views
Beautiful day here today so I got the Apprentice out and she flew like a dream.
So much nicer to fly when its not so windy!
Battery is charged up ready for tomorrow the forecast is good so might even get a couple of flights in
Posted by m15terroboto | Aug 29, 2010 @ 02:44 PM | 2,094 Views
So I took the apprentice out a couple of days ago and it was a tad too windy to say the least - I was just so fed up with the weather and wanted to fly!
Apart from nearly losing her completely I managed to land her in a tree luckily it was only at head height as I struggled to land, only very slight damage to a wing.

Finally sold my Hyper 7 so I will be parting with the cash Tuesday (damn bank holiday Monday!)
I will be getting a Spektrum DX6i and an EDF Jet, most likely the Art-Tech Alpha Jet - this will be the rtf version as I can get it for only 20 more than the PNP which is cheaper than buying a battery seperate.
I will also be getting a Spektrum receiver for this as the one I get with the DX6i will be going in my Belt CP.

Posted by m15terroboto | Aug 11, 2010 @ 10:25 AM | 2,161 Views
Short video of my E-Flite Apprentice filmed with an onboard keychain camera.
E-Flite Apprentice Onboard (4 min 48 sec)

Shame it has to follow Trappy's Awesome video below
Posted by m15terroboto | Aug 11, 2010 @ 04:24 AM | 2,201 Views
So I am nearing the 2hr flight time with the apprentice and I am still loving it. Although I feel as though I am already at the limits of what this plane can do!
Therefore it must be time to look for something else to join her in the hangar (well shed).
The sensible side of me is saying I should get a low wing trainer next, probably something smaller than the apprentice - she is a big thing to lug around!
On the other hand my dark side is telling me to get an edf jet! I so want to progress onto these but not sure I should take the plunge yet, do they do a trainer jet so to speak?

Heli Update
So I have used 4 batteries up on the heli - the highlight being a 6ft hover with a couple of spins (full rudder) on the 3rd battery, the lowlight being hitting a recycling bin on the 4th!
Ordered some replacement parts and have just been fitting them only to notice 2 things even though I thoroughly checked her over at the time (my excuse is I was on nights!)
1. the tail shaft was bent - bit of brute force as straightened that up nicely though!
2. the feathering shaft is bent - no spares .

Looks like I will have to wait until after my holiday before I order the parts and fix her up, Sunny Menorca here I come :beer: :sun:
Posted by m15terroboto | Aug 03, 2010 @ 06:12 AM | 3,156 Views
Took the Apprentice out for another flight last night, Flew her for 15 minutes although the wind was still a bit gusty! When are we ever going to get some calm weather?
Strapped the key cam onto the back of the fuselage so the orientation was a lot better and I am chuffed with the quality of the video considering the low cost.
One thing I am not chuffed about is how much the rear tail waggles around!
It is screwed in tight via the 2 mounting screws but its the pointy bit that just seems to jump right out of its slot
Is there any way of securing this? Looking at how much it moves on the video I am concerned I might lose the rear tail

I have been bitten by the flying bug so badly I have purchased an helicopter off a mate.
It is a ESKY Belt CP and before anyone says - I know its probably too much for a novice but I like to jump in at the deep end!
It is only the V1 but it was too much of a bargain to turn down, I intend to make a Spektrum DX6i my next purchase so I will ditch the analogue tx/rx and utilise that instead.

Read about my exploits here! just waiting for my training gear to arrive from www.heliguy.com before I make a start
Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 29, 2010 @ 01:57 PM | 2,303 Views
Uploaded the video from the keychain camera to youtube, looks like it has lost some quality after trimming it using windows movie maker but its still watchable.
Looks like the camera has sorted itself and is now charging (fingers crossed its ok)
The clock is still wrong, but at least its showing 2010!
Apprentice 1st flight with keychain camera (2 min 53 sec)

Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 29, 2010 @ 09:53 AM | 2,376 Views
My keychain camera arrived yesterday so I charged it up, dug out an old memory card and tested it fine - all good!

So wind forecast checked for a flight this morning and that was fine so loaded the plane into the car and set off for the field.
Got out the car and the wind was gusting but as I wanted to try out the camera I thought I would send her up anyway

Preflight checks complete, recording started - hand launch her and she was away, straight away I could tell the wind was too much but I wanted to crack the hour!
Landed her just before the 3 minute mark, came down a bit heavy and saw something fly off got to her and checked everything and the only thing missing was an elastic band
Thought I had pressed stop on the recording, put the plane to one side and watched my mate compete with the wind with his glider!
Packed away, got home to check the video and was remarkably pleased with the quality - realised I had not pressed stop so had nearly 12 minutes of video of grass!
Things to note are how much the rear tail moves around! will have to sort that out somehow and where I mounted it meant the video is 90 degrees out!

Might have a problem with the camera - put it on to recharge and the light is just blinking (during charging light should be on and go off when charged)
I have tried a reset but no change - think I may have flattened the battery completely! fingers crossed it sorts itself out.

Total flight time - 1 hour 1 minute
Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 28, 2010 @ 10:03 AM | 4,550 Views
So I took the plane out yesterday for a flight which was cut short due to the weather!
The wind, which was forecast at 10mph was obviously gusting at way more than that and she was a handful to say the least! Struggled to get her to fly where I wanted to, so flew less than 10 minutes

Is there any easy (cheap) way of knowing the windspeed at the flying field?

Total flight time : 58 minutes
Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 26, 2010 @ 02:52 PM | 3,607 Views
It looks like the days are back to front! After being lousy all day this evening has been perfect so I took the Apprentice out for her 4th flight.
Strapped in the battery, checked everything was fine, set the video rolling and hand launched her away.
Trim seemed a bit out so teased that a bit and then away she went, I can not believe how much I am enjoying flying and I bet if anyone saw me they would just see a big inane grin!!
My confidence is growing and knowing how well she handles I got a bit more adventurous ( I researched these moves today - no prior knowledge!)
Started off with a couple of inside loops and barrel rolls before trying my hand at a few hammerheads (stall turns). Did a half barrel roll and flew inverted for a couple of seconds before going into an outside loop, threw in a very untidy immelmann turn - plenty of room for improvement
Had a few hairy moments during the 14 minutes of fly time but the Apprentice recovered beautifully.
Video was much improved over my 1st attempt so might edit it a bit and put it online if I get chance.
Itching to get my next flight in now......
Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 26, 2010 @ 08:29 AM | 4,807 Views
So it looks like there will be no flight today! Raining again - and they call this summer!
Whilst I am waiting for the key camera I have ordered to turn up I have dug out another mobile phone, this one is a bit better than the last one so I have made a mount and strapped it to the battery cover on the Apprentice.
Looked at a few lipo chargers on the internet, none the wiser as to what I want or need.
Posted by m15terroboto | Jul 25, 2010 @ 01:28 PM | 2,236 Views
So I took the Apprentice out again today and my mate came along, he was amazed how well I was flying!
This is a compliment as I had only clocked up 20 minutes flying time before this.
The wind was probably about 10mph and the apprentice dealt with it no problem unlike his edf jet!
Completed a few more loops and tried my hand at barrel rolls, she handled them with ease.
My mate then showed me how well she flew with little or no throttle at all! this seemed alien to me as I had been belting along at full throttle
After a few minutes though I could see a big difference and this will only benefit me with longer flight times.
The buzzer went after 13 minutes so I bought her in for a nice soft landing in the long grass, this was a lot less eventful without the undercarriage!
Got home and reviewed the video I had captured by taping an old mobile phone to the underneath, quality was poor but at least it worked - ordered a mini cam off eBay to try it.
Recharged the battery ready for tomorrows flight, fed up of having to go outside and connect the charger to the car - so I have started looking for a new 240/12v charger.
thats it for now.