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Posted by PeterVRC | Mar 09, 2014 @ 03:33 AM | 10,193 Views
Back to the SAME T-45 kit as the prior destroyed one.
A new build log because many things will be done differently - for one thing it will now get Retracts.

It will also get all moving tailplanes, with Anhedral, as per the real T-45. Certainly not a necessity to do(!!), but it will be an interesting realism aspect to have this time. Versus the also "interesting" tailplane responses all of my all-moving tailplane aircraft end up having! Hyper sensitive and they amplify any servo/drive sloppiness big time! So you have to engineer them well !!

The new kit comes with different plastics... they have all been pre-cut too their finished shapes. And they have all been done very well ! So that is a nice positive addition.
BUT... my kit was missing DECALS !
Luckily I has never used the ones from the prior T-45 !!