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Posted by whitewolf | Jan 13, 2010 @ 12:28 PM | 8,255 Views
I've been flying R/C planes since 1969(Iwas 9 then), my brother-in-law got us started by locating some used planes a friend of his was selling. My Dad and I learned the hard way, no clubs around and no experienced fliers where we lived. We didn't have buddy boxes then either!
My father was a B-17 pilot during WW2 and had remained an active pilot since. He thought, as many do, that if he could fly a full scale plane, why not a model! First attempts were disappointing at the least, but we didn't give up. After acquiring a "Doodler" two channel motor glider we finally started learning how to fly. Time went on and skills were gained. The little Doodler was transformed and advanced trainers were built. There weren't many ARF's and quality was doubtful then. I built my fisrt plane by myself when I was 12, a Sig J-3 cub. Covered in silk and dope, powered by a McCoy .29 Bluehead engine and guided with my new MRC 4 channel single stick radio. First flight was not pretty! The battery came loose and slid all the way to the tail, quite a dramatic crash
When I turned 14 the models took a back seat as I ventured into flying full scale. It was 5 years before the models came out again and I've been building and flying since. My heaviest activity started in the mid 80's and I've been carrying on since then.
My Dad no longer flies, his eyesight and reflexes won't allow it any more. He is still there for every maiden flight and is anxious to lend a helping hand in the pits!