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now find myself at 67 years old surprisingly, as I still have the desire to do stuff, although I have not done any hang gliding, gliding or surfing for a few years now as we shifted onto our catamaran to do a world trip 11 years ago, what brought that to a halt was a major car accident in Melbourne when I ended up fighting the brain surgeons who wanted to cut my brain to pieces due to the chronic pain resulting from the blow from the car that came into the back seat where I was at the time.

Well after all that time we finally sold the yacht and shifted full time into a little joint we had in Wagga Wagga of all places (we used it for a base in the Summer when we came down to visit the kids)

Thing is I can now finally get into rc and had my first slope experience at the Manilla Slope Fest and was hooked when I saw a pitcheron fly.

I am now in the process of building a wingeron from a purchased Samurai fuslage and composite wings from carbon and fg that we bagged at Jordan's (Hamburglar).

Latest purchase is a second hand JR PCM 9X Radio with both 36mhz and 2.4 G modules.

Also in the line is a Gulp SR 48 and an Orca pitcheron (both slopers and the Gulp should let me have a go at DS.

To play with and learn to fly I have an ornithopter, slofly 28 electric foamie and a Jazz 60 epp wing.

UPDATE 05/04/18
Shi# !!! .............all of a sudden I am now 76 years old.

Well the slope still calls me and my flying is shared between great fests at Manilla, Camperdown and...Continue Reading