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Posted by Mk9 | Mar 14, 2021 @ 06:17 PM | 10,020 Views
This is a half sized, pusher version of the full size 50mm EDF design Dominic has done. It's now added to the Cults package.
Without a build guide so far, ask for help here and we'll try and step you through:

135g AUW, printed in LW-PLA, no infill required.
Battery is 350mah 2S, and the motor is a Turnigy D1104-4000kv, sadly not in stock atm. Hopefully there are many other options.

There are only videos blustery conditions, but she handles them quite well. Have now had one flight in calm conditions and she flew really well, but probably still a bit too fast for small indoor venues. Flight time is upwards of 5 minutes.

A gentle discus launch grasping the strong point of the wing/fuse join is the way to launch. NOT, as shown in the first video below:
RC 3d-printed mini Vulcan maiden flight (3 min 51 sec)

like this!:
3d-printed mini Vulcan at KAMS Warbird Day 2021 (2 min 41 sec)
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Posted by Mk9 | Oct 18, 2020 @ 12:10 AM | 7,814 Views
Hi Folks,
My Durafly Mk1a is getting somewhat the worse for wear, and I thought it would be interesting to convert it to a Mk2a to make it more distinguishable from the other Mk1a in our small club. We have quite a Spitfire collection and a Mk2a would increase the spread. The main external difference is the spinner, and Caillie Graphics sorts the rest, so it's not going to be very hard!

I picked RN-N since it's one of the few reliable colour subjects available. This is the classic shot:

I'm aware of 2 other possible photos, but they seem a little more dubious in authenticity, so I decided to hit Google Earth and see if I could find the backdrop. I've had a win for 2 of the 3, but the 3rd eludes me. The 3rd is also suss as a) it has open gun ports, the other two are taped, as you'd expect for a photo shoot, and b) it has a weird black smear on the side fuse. Still, the background does look like a photo so I'm a bit perplexed.

Photo2:[email protected]/49509639521
Posted by Mk9 | Jul 26, 2020 @ 09:03 AM | 78,310 Views
The Avro Vulcan is a cold war era British delta wing design, much loved by most who ever saw one fly.

It’s a special design for me because my Dad flew them, and some of my earliest memories as a child are the howl of the four Olympus motors - derivatives of which went onto power Concorde. A Vulcan full power take-off, climb out and bank at an air-display truly was a sight and sound to behold.

Living in Australia, seeing a flying Vulcan has not been possible for decades, but on a visit to the UK relies a few years ago (remember international air travel?!) I dragged my young son to one of the last displays that XH558 ever did. On our last visit we also visited the IWM and saw theirs up close. I think it worked, because now he likes the Vulcan too

There have been lots of RC variants over the years, but true scale versions seem to be either:
• Huge turbine beasts which are super impressive, but super expensive and not very practical at a small field – or even in the average family home come to that!
• PSS Gliders – which are great, but need a decent slope.
• Pusher models, which can be done at any scale, are supremely practical, but involve a certain amount of scale sacrifice I can’t ever quite ignore.

I've been rambling about trying to design a foam parkflyer version for ages. My son, who is only 13, decided that he would design a 3D printable EDF one. I did my best to tell him that would be ‘quite hard’, but he...Continue Reading
Posted by Mk9 | Nov 01, 2017 @ 06:50 AM | 7,152 Views
The Hanger contains (in order of preference!):
3S Avro Vulcan - my sons own design which I didn't think would work, but does! Needs a safer launch method than my hand launches though...working on that.
3S Polaris - an awesome plane, but RIP after elevator servo seized in a dive. I now need to build another version. Thanks WormBoy for alerting me to the design and Steve Schumate for sharing the plans. I have coupled aileron servos for insane maneuvers, well beyond my flying ability!
4S Durafly Spitfire Mk1a - another awesome plane. The Polaris only pips it because it is more versatile. I cannot say how impressed I am with the Durafly Mk1 - it looks good, flies superbly and I love it. I just need to learn to land it reliably.
[B]4S Gaplan by JackHeli, 3D printed and an awesome fun plane to fly. Awaiting a reprint after in-flight failure of a CA hinge (our fault, it's designed for pinned hinges!).
3S FMS Typhoon - This is a great warbird - very close to scale outline and extremely practical undercarriage. Handles strong winds well and wafts around on 3S. Repainted as ZYY with graphics by Caillie.
HK Wicked Wing - fabulous fun slope soarer.
3S Buccaneer by CLickety's Jetworks. A fantastic depron/3D printed hybrid running on two 50mm FMS edfs. And the airbrake really works!
2S E-flite Se5a This circa 2009 model is a hand-me-down and flies ridiculously well on a still day or night. Pure joy to pootle around on 3ch doing touch and goes.
3S 3DLabPrint P-38 - a clear PLA...Continue Reading