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Posted by Hanni1312 | Nov 10, 2014 @ 04:56 PM | 4,458 Views
Warp230 Build Step1

The first thing i did after chamfering and grinding of all the frame parts was to desolder the connector on my Orange RX DSM2 sat. I thought it would be nice to fit it between the bottom plate and the MotoWii. And i used the connector on the MotoWii.

After that i drilled bigger holes into my bottom plate. The reason is i wanted to use m3 captive nuts in the bottom plate.

I found them in a Germany shop for quadparts after hours if searching for black or red ones. I choosed the processed black ones.

You can get them here: AHLtec Leonhardt

I needed to drill the holes to 4.7mm. After that i used a handpress to fit them into the holes.

Warp230 Build Step2

Hello today i am going to talk about the second step of my build.

I have seen a post about using paracord to sleeve wires.

Paracord sleeving

And after i saw it i have known that i wanted to do it aswell. So had a deep search trough the net to find suitable paracord. I found this one on ebay. It is 2 mm.

Paracord red

Please take a look at the video to see how you need to do it. It needs a bit of practice to do it right, i can tell you(see the waste picture).

First of all i tryed to fit the cord over the wires with shrinktube. But that doesnt work at all. So i startet to remove all the shrink tube. And after that the cord was fitting easily over the wires.

Then i used a piece of shrinktube to secure the ends of the cord at the motor and give it a nice look. I...Continue Reading