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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Jan 15, 2014 @ 02:46 PM | 7,151 Views
I have started on the HK version of the 540T EPP.
Balsa EPP skinned 3D Plane 48" wing span. Throws of 60 degrees.

Additional Parts for this Build

Some I already own and will use although there are better pieces out there.

NTM 3536a 910kv motor.
Plush 60 amp ESC
D-19MG servo's
and this extra Eagle Tree 2D/3D stablizer.

The Manual is Pictures with very litlle instructions. Not a big deal every thing is built for the most part. But with that said first step by the manual is to atttach the motor mount to the fuselage.

Step 1.

The motor I choose is 4 mil smaller than what is stamped on the face of the mount. The mount has 3542/2826 for motor pre marked for motor instalation. The 3536a mount just puts the guide holes at the top of each mounting hole. So I have large T pins and used them to align the motor mount bracket and hand drilled 2 of the top mounting holes. Then bolted the mounting bracket to the motor mount. Then drilled the last two holes.

Step 2.
I bolted the motor to the motor mount and test fitted the motor mount to the fuselage. since the Cowl is not adjustable and locks to the fuslage flush. I put that on and measured the distance the prop hub is from the front edge of the Cowl. I will add 4.5 mil spacer to the motor bracket to get the motors prop hub to sit 2 mils out of the cowl for spinner clearance.

Step 3.
Inspecting the motor mount. I noticed an air gap in the laser cut key on the top of the motor mount that need to be...Continue Reading