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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Nov 05, 2013 @ 10:31 AM | 7,445 Views
The parts
Motors NTM 2826/1200kv 17amp continuous B28-47-22S 1800kv In runner
Props: MAS 7x4x3
ESC : Castle Creations Talon 35 amp
Servos: HighTec 82mg
Receiver Futaba 7chn
Things in work
Motors mounting using provided motor mount but installed backwards. Going to use motor power wires with the little board but only to run power to ESC that are going to be mounted in the motor nacelles. Servos in normal mounting locations.

Sanding all bumps off the entire plane. Using Dap lightweight filler to fill any dents. Going to use enconokote to cover the the plane.

Wings have been sanded and filler applied. Giving a day to fully harden. Rudder and Elevator next. Will cover those four pieces before mounting hardware. Before installing in fuselage. Will keep wings a two piece easier to store And transport.

As for fuselage. Going to fill linkage runs with with the lightweight filler. And sand and cover after mounting that little board and servos. Covering it with econokote.
Lots of work to be done and can't go to fast have to be careful to not over heat the Elapor.

My Irons have been tested for temp settings and will verify temp using temp meter. Wings, tail, and elevator are going to be to hard. Mostly flat surfaces. The fuselage nose is very rounded so covering it may be the challenge for me on this project.