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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Aug 21, 2013 @ 01:53 AM | 5,910 Views
Started the T-Clips today. Following the instructions almost to the letter.

There prototype is what I based this build after.

Power plant - E-Fight Power 32.
ESC - Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 75. Firm updated to newest version.
Servos. HS422's

Reciever Futaba R7008B.
Telemetry for external and Bec.

I love Sig ARFs Well Built. And all hardware is top quality.
Steps that have been completed.

Ailerons glued into the wings servos installed and checked.
Landing Gear installed and wheel covers
Elevator glued to horizontal stab, control horn attached.
Elevator measured from wing tip to back edge of the horizontal stab a billion times and mounted. Verified and rechecked till the expoy started to harden.

Pictures provided

Tom B.