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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Jul 26, 2013 @ 07:56 AM | 11,080 Views
I have started a build on a Bixler 2 Kit.

Parts list in addition to the kit


D2826-6 2200kv, There has been allot of discussion over this motor. I am going to use mine for a fun fly light acrobatics and camera platform. So the Payload will always be light. If I was going to put a full autopilot system or Autopilot/FPV Heavy payload in the airframe I would choose a lower KV motor but staying in the D2826 class of motor. And swing a larger prop for lift capability.

Motor mount

I purchased a Small part CNC motor mount for Bixler 2 and will pin the tube.


Pretty easy to figure which one will work the best. you can use ecalc to get to a close figure then up it by 25% and you should never have an issue. The D2826-6 is capable of 342Watts to achieve this you need to swing a 7x3 prop using a 3s Lipo batttery around 40C. The motor and a 7x3 prop will only carry about 50% of the ESC I am going to use. HK Plush 60 amp.

Prop master screw 7x 3 prop

2 aileron servo's Metal gear.
4 HXT 900 for Flaps,elevator and rudder.

to be added to wing to hold wings to fusealge.

Surface changes.

Extended the rudder by aprox 1" covered in yellow trim, Vertical stab 2 3mm CF tubes inserted from the bottom of the stab, A 3mm tube in the horizonal stab the strengthen it. No mod to elevator. The elvator and rudder servos moved aft place where the diameter is about the same as servos layed across the center line of fuselage. CF tube in each servo tube and the stock one in the bottom to arrest tube twist.

Rudder trimed out with blue trim. HK decals removed. No offense meant HK.

Landing Gear

Mains from HK for the Bixler Mount provided.
Tail wheel is dubro product steerable attached to rudder by thin wire going through the hinged edge of the elevator.

Add my own Color scheme to the wings and fuselage.