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Posted by Tom B 1956 | Apr 30, 2013 @ 09:02 AM | 4,813 Views
Further info. I use to Fly along time ago. Back in my Navy days from late 77 through end of 79. I was trained by an older gent who flew mode 1. I built a Das Ugly Stik it was my only plane. It had a straight wing, Enya .60. No buddy box back then that I remember. The field I flew out of was in San Diego near the border. And on my pay that's was all I could afford. Time goes on. I started back. Mode 2 and its much easier now 2.4 gig radios. Planes out of EPP foam. Still I am building my own Plane. I have no fear of lose with a foam plane. This site for asking dumb questions about this hobby. And I'm using a Bixler 2 as a first plane to fly. While I build a RCM's version of a My Stik. (Converting it to electric, modifying the nose enclosing the engine). Also purchased a ARF T-Clip's from Sig. Due in July. Should be a fun plane also. More later.

When your single and live in a 1 bedroom apt. The dinning area is converted too a building area. Two base kitchen cabinets with a 30"x72" solid core door. Kitchen table converted to battery charging area soldering station and cutting area. Under the bench is a microwave cart with Mini table saw, scroll saw, drill press, dremel, and a drill and bits. Next to the bench is a three drawer tool box top shelf hand tools, below that is hardware screw and bolts. The next drawer has irons and hot air gun and the bottom drawer has clamps misc tools. The kitchen cabinets draws on the left side hold sanding blocks and rulers and...Continue Reading