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Posted by 59er9er | Aug 30, 2013 @ 09:53 AM | 6,137 Views
Well I've got the three blade prop on the Sukhoi, the SC's bruhless axi is mounted and the Spitfire needs nothing. Although I may put one of my GWS 5043 props on the Spit just to see how she flies. Hoping to pick up a new cowl and wing strut for the SC today so I can finally get her back in the air.

Have a great long weekend. Happy flying.
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 27, 2013 @ 12:32 PM | 5,781 Views
With the SC grounded waiting for the cowl and wing struts to come in and the Sukhoi waiting for a new prop adapter I've been flying the Spitfire a lot the past few days. I decided to slow things down and to fly it properly. What I mean by this is coordinated flight, practicing approaches and being able to fly an airfield traffic pattern. In practice this means holding attitude through turns as I enter the traffic pattern on the downwind leg as well as holding that altitude into the base leg. Then slowly reducing power and maintaining coordinated flight to avoid tip stalling the Spitfire. After a couple sessions I am extremely satisfied with how the plane reacts (and looks) in the air as I fly the pattern and enter a nice long and slow final approach. It's such a blast to fly an airplane in this manner, for me anyway. All it required was throttle management, learning the slow flight characteristics of the Spit and proper use of the rudder.

In the past I was excited to get just get my planes up in the air so I'd go through all the checks really quickly, then get the planes up in the air and just figure out what I'd do while in flight. Now I just take my time and I decide what I'm going to practic and I'm enjoying the whole experience even more. Can't wait to get the Super Cub back up in the air with it's AXI 2212/26 motor turning an APC 10X4.75 prop.

Happy flying.
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 20, 2013 @ 03:26 PM | 6,646 Views
After a couple flights with the Spitfire where it felt sluggish rolling to the right, I realized today that the tape holding the control wire to the right aileron was lifting slightly, which meant that when I wanted it to roll right the control wire would lift without the aileron moving up until I was almost at the max throw for right roll. I also experimented with sub-trim to try to bring the ailerons to neutral. Sub-trim combined with the tape issue resulted in difficult handling and ultimately flying into a tree. Luckily is was very low altitude and resulted in zero damage. Love these micros. I removed the sub-trim and pressed the tape down and flew for one more battery and I'm still noticing a bit of nose up attitude at anything above 75% throttle. I may tape a penny to the nose for the next flight.

Flew the Sukhoi again, this time with the stock prop. Boy is it slow with the stock prop. I still hear the rough running sound so I'll take her apart completed since the prop and prop shaft look in order. Gearbox and receiver appear to be mounted solidly as well so I'm not sure whats up but it doesn't sound good. It's still a blast to fly anyway and I know it'll be better once I sort it all out. Right now with the t-pin in the tail and battery all the way back I still have to give it quite a bit of up elevator trim to get her flying level. I'll get her all straightened out.

I've disassembled the SC and decided to go brushless since I have an axi motor laying around. It'll be a few days before I receive the replacement cowl and wing struts as well as the brushless motor mount. Looking forward to getting this plane fixed and flying again.
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 19, 2013 @ 10:55 AM | 8,331 Views
Fun day at the field yesterday, even though I ended performing an unscheduled landing with the SC. Had a couple fun and hairy flights with the SC when I first arrived at the field. the Cub has a pretty good roll rate now that I moved the pushrods to the outermost hole on the servo horns. It was nice being able to bring her in nice and slow on this windy day.

A few more flyers arrived at the field including a friend of mine with a micro Spit. We decided to put both of our Spits up at the same time and boy was that a blast watching both of them fly together. We didn't do any formation flying but it was still fun chasing each other around. Next up were our Super Cubs. He just acquired his and he upgraded to brushless. Mine still has the stock motor. We had them up flying slow and easy. I went inverted but I didn't have my elevator on high rates. I started to lose altitude even with the stick full forward so I gave her power but then I made the rookie mistake of pulling out of inverted father than rolling out. This resulted in it darting into the ground at a pretty good clip. Because the ground was soft from recent rains the prop actually bent back but not much damage to the foam. Also the cowling cracked so this is the first time I'm actually going to have to replace it and the prop. At least the spinner came out intact.

But the day didn't end there. I bought a Sukhoi Su-26m from someone at the field. This has the P-51 motor and gearbox and a GWS 5043...Continue Reading
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 13, 2013 @ 02:57 PM | 5,292 Views
Took the SC out yesterday to test ailerons after aligning horns with the aileron hinges. With differential I couldn't notice much of a difference from the ground which isn't a bad thing. It's still way more fun to fly the SC with ailerons. I'm thinking the motor is about to die because it just doesn't seem to have as much power as before.

Flew the Spitfire and went through three batteries. Two hand launches and one ROG. The Spit doesn't seem to have as much power as when I first got it. I don't know if it's me getting used to it or if something's up with the plane. I was doing rolls and playing with a little inverted flight but I couldn't get it to loop, which I was doing before. I charged the batteries up last night and will hopefully take her out again today after work.

On that one flight where I performed an ROG takeoff, she definitely flew more sluggishly with the mains on. I tried to grease the landing but she ended up nosing over ever so slightly. Good times.
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 02, 2013 @ 08:53 AM | 5,604 Views
I worked on the Super Cub's ailerons last night. I started by getting rid of the y-harness and plugging in the left servo to the Rx's aux port and the right servo to the ail port. Plugged it all up and WTH? Ailerons are moving in the same direction. I figured out that I just had to reverse the flap channel. Now they're moving in the correct direction. Next up was differential. I first set it to 50% but it seemed like was still moving the ailerons down quite a bit (likely because of the fact that I didn't align the horns with the hinge line) so I dropped it down to about 35% which looks about right. Next up, flaperons. I set the flaperons to come down about 15 degrees using the TLAR method. Added a click of down elevator to hopefully keep her attitude just about right for a nice low power decent. Can't wait to try out the new setup. I'll post pictures up in the next couple days.

In the meantime, here's an outdoor night shot of my radio with it's new backlight and the NV.Name: IMAG0895.jpg
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Posted by 59er9er | Aug 01, 2013 @ 04:30 PM | 4,480 Views
I took out the SC for a test flight. I am much happier with the ability to fly the SC with authority over roll, but I was experiencing some adverse yaw. This might be because I didn't line up the aileron horns with the aileron hinge, instead they're a bit aft. Nevertheless it was awesome because it almost felt like a different plane. I'll probably move the rods up one hole and eliminate the y-harness and use the ail and aux ports on the receiver. This should allow me to use aileron differential which should help.

Also, when I got home from work today I saw the new orange backlight for my lcd. About an hour after I started my DX6i is reborn with a backlight. Though the orange isn't at orange as I had hoped (picture on ebay was a darker orange) I couldn't be happier with the simple mod. I went with the tech4rc kit because it required no soldering. What a cheap, simple and extremely effective mod this is. Can't wait to take it out tonight when I fly the night vapor. Happy flying!
Posted by 59er9er | Aug 01, 2013 @ 12:39 AM | 4,271 Views
I just finished adding ailerons to the Super Cub and I'm looking forward to getting her up in the air. I had already taken out some of the dihedral by pulling the plastic wing struts quite taut which made the SC more fun to fly if not more challenging. So I think the ailerons should be just what she needed. I'll report back after her maiden flight with ailerons.

Up next, brushless conversion. I've got an Axi 2122 sitting around and all I need to find are some 6mm spacers to be able to mount it to one of those beautiful CNC machined aluminum engine mounts you see on eBay.