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Fiona Banner, Tate Modern, London
"Harrier and Jaguar", 2010
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Pics and notes for reference.

Canopy- magnets instead of latch.

1- install front canopy wire
2- position magnets, check fit- they'll hold each other in place.
3- glue up can be done at the same time, glue magnets with wax paper in between upper magnet and fuse

note- top magnet is 1/8inch deep and fits perfectly between fuse and canopy as positioned


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Midwest Weasel Fest IS happening this year.

My buddy Lars is going to plan it.
Stay tuned.

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fyi interested parties...
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Had a Weasel Pro from Dream-Flight NIB, so I built it up for our MidWest Whatever Fest.
Sports bagged balsa elevons, because my old Weasel's elevons got wonky.
I put in a thin basswood TE, because my old Weasel's TE went all kaflooey.
Covering is Ultracoat, except nose/tips, which are Solartex and goop, because my old Weasel had this treatment and it held up to abuse.
The tail slips in- held into place with rare earth magnets, because I wanted an easier to remove tail than my old Weasel.
The tail is a carbon tow & balsa sandwich, because my old Weasel's corroplast tail was more bent outta shape than a raving fundamentalist.

* And the super fine stenciled Axis of Weasel tail? Don't know what happened there. No explanation. I put an exacto knife under my pillow one night and the build fairy went bonkers.
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My trusty Weasel. Soon to be refurbished.
Building my last NIB, and hope to get an EVO soon.
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Designed this for my M60.
Will be blue foam/ carbon sock, incorporating bagged balsa tail.
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Hmmmm.. I've been thinking.
That's sometimes a dangerous thing.

What if...

... you could take the classic lines of an old timer rubber model (see Smoothie, Sparky, Eugene, Skyrider pics)...

... built it with contemporary composite techniques and utilized current high performance DLG airfoils (see Photon II pic)...

... and used rubber power (see contemporary F1B pic) instead of electric (see LapDancer) to get to soaring altitude, yet retained 2 channel R/E radio control?

How many purists would this offend?

Like a DLG without the all important "D" part. Powered up like a F1B, but without the all important FF part! Using a motor to get to soaring height, but not electric!

I'm almost afraid to ask for feedback, comments, or input. But I can see it.
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Posted this to a thread in LTUP, but wanted to post it to my blog.
Great clip.

Seventh Place in the Antiques Roadshow Top Ten Items (3 min 55 sec)

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This group does great performances in New York City.
Love these 2- Frozen Grand Central and Human Mirror.
Both really simple ideas that make the viewers stop and notice.

Frozen Grand Central is just like the children's game "Statue" or whatever it was called in your neighborhood. But on a "grand" urban scale. 207 people all freeze in place for 5 minutes. And in a place like Grand Central Terminal this goes way against the never ending ebb and flow of commuters and tourists.

In Human Mirror the group assembles several sets of identical twins to ride the subway. Each pair splits to mirror the other on either side of the train.

Improv Everywhere - Frozen Grand Central (2 min 22 sec)

Improv Everywhere - Human Mirror (2 min 12 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Pure joy.
God Bless these two guys in the background.

No One Makes George W. Bush Look Like an Idiot (0 min 23 sec)

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Just because it's cool.

Introducing The Moog Guitar (4 min 28 sec)

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I've been looking at a long build thread over in a French BB- Forum Modelisme.
Here's one of the gems I gleaned;

Good page with interior wing structure.
This builder doesn't cut the spar, but relieves the wing ribs instead. CF is added on the spar and at the TE. He bags the wing to glue it up. Nice.
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The group buy sold out in a little more than 24 hours.
2 of us ordered 2 kits, so there's 18 pilots soon to be building.

I've contacted the kitter and asked to reconfirm the time frames of cutting, kitting, shipping.

I've also asked about size and weight of a packaged kit so I can figure out what the additional cost is for me to ship to all of "The Crobe2 18 ".

I'll blog any progress on the group buy. For now- sit tight and wait until I can send you your totals.

April 25th-
Payments are in. Thanks guys! Order was sent in to the kitter in France. I'll send him a note to confirm he received it ok.

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Well, it all started when I totaled one of my nicest spendy planes...

Composite Piper with all digis went in and was totaled. Stupid error on my part. Anyway- that led to an interest in cheaper planes. A like-minded modeler had started a thread about balsa built slopers. I love to build with balsa. Getting involved with that thread led me to see this awesome little mini pitcheron. Soon I was in touch with the guy in France who designed it, and the laser cutter in France making kits. Now I'm managing a group buy. So, instead of spending money, I'm spending time. What a hobby.

see thread-
Crobe2 homepage of designer.-